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Hand masks

Les masques pour les mains

Our hands deserve a little bit of pampering during this stressful time for them! And just as well, hand masks are on the rise!

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In the midst of a health crisis, hand care is growing by leaps and bounds!

Hand masks are the repairing boost for those who forget (or don’t have the time) to take care of their hands on a daily basis.
A catch-up session that does good not only for the skin of the hands, but also for the nails and cuticles (they are immersed for 15 minutes in a cream bath).
Inspired by Korean beauty rituals and spa treatments, or even the warm kerosene baths that used to be done in beauty salons for hands and feet, they have started to appear at Kure Bazaar, O.P.I ProSpa, Neutrogena, Peggy Sage and especially Sephora Collection. Expert in the field, the brand offers no less than five this winter! (Nourishing Comforting Macadamia Hand Masks, Moisturizing Protective Aloe Vera Hand Masks, Moisturizing Cucumber Hand Masks, Nourishing Repairing Mango Hand Masks, Ultra-Moisturizing Beautifying Rose Hand Masks, one pair of gloves, €4.99 each).
Cute with their little drawings of printed ingredients (less annoying than white masks), these glove-shaped masks pre-soaked with lotions enriched with plant extracts, perfectly waterproof, allow you to pamper your hands without stopping your activities. Leave them on for 15 minutes, preferably …

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