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Hybrid make-up

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Eyelash curler mascaras,"powdered jelly" shadows, serum skin care foundations, balm lipsticks… Welcome to the beautiful world of make-up with multiple benefits! Zoom in on the cosmetic news of the week by Ariane Le Febvre.

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We're here to help the announcement last week After the treatment, here is the hybrid make-up"at the crossroads of several varieties". Following the worldwide success of the BB cream (Garnier even puts forward the figure of 4 BB creams sold every 5 seconds in the world and claims to have conquered 3 million new women in 2 years thanks to it!) and, in this growing quest for multifunctional cosmetics, the brands offer us make-up products that fill several offices.

So, mascara. Today, he doesn't just lengthen and enrich the lashes, but he also plays khôls (see the Zoom Inventive mascaras ), eyelash curlers or eyeliner! Witness, the last Bourjois decorated with a curved comb in the shape of a knot which makes it possible to accentuate the camber of the lashes (Duo Mascara Volume Séduction + Node Recourbe-lashes, 11,95 €, in November). Or the new mascara from L'Oréal Paris, announced next January, whose formula based on liquid silk and extra black pigments combines volume and definition. No need for a comb to separate your lashes (Mascara Volume Millions de Cils So Couture, 13,50 €). Or this party mascara whose brush ends with a liner tip (Sephora, Mascara & Eyeliner Insolent Silver, 12.90 €).

Another"UFO" particularly interesting because it does not need make-up remover, a really amazing mascara which, apart from its make-up remover performance and its outfit completely up to standard… simply removes make-up with water (we know that it is often make-up remover, more than mascara, which causes irritation) : Mascara Haute Tolérance Couvrance Avène range, 17.50 €, 2 shades, from November. Well, if your eyes are sensitive, it's even better if you take it out with Avène water, but otherwise the tap water is also fine!

In eye shadows with"mixed" textures, these creams or jellies which turn into powder on contact with the skin, ensure slippery, melting and creamy, allowing an easier blending at the same time as a better hold. In hyper-pigmented and metallic shades (THE winter look trend): Estée Lauder, The Metallics collection, Pure Color Eyeshadow Powdered Jelly, 26 €, 10 shades ; Sisley, Phyto-Ombre Glow, 32 €, 4 shades ; Bourjois, Color Edition 24H, 11,50 €, 6 shades, from November.

Givenchy, as for him, proposes to us as from next January 20 his Ombre Couture, a collection of eye shadows creams held 16H and waterproof (23 € - 7 shades including a Top coat white satin), superimposable with the envy, which one can also use in eyeliner. Very much in the"non-material" spirit, this aerial cream, but covering and very easy to work with, looks like"an ink for skin, leaving a homogeneous colour imprint". Another eyeliner that is inratable and also makes eyelashes grow (Clarins, 3-Dot Liner, Eyeliner easy point by point, 25 €, Black, new reinforced eyelash growth activator formula).

On the lipstick side, the CC ("Care and Color") red is coming! This"cocoon red", both care balm and lipstick, is the"must have" of the season! Less pigmented but richer in nourishing agents than a traditional lipstick (shea butter, honey, cherry stone oil, mango butter…), it will certainly become our"winter comforter"! Chanel, Rouge Coco Shine, €30.50; Giorgio Armani, Rouge Ecstasy, €31; Gemey-Maybelline, Baby Lips Lip Balm, €3.90; The Body Shop, Colour Crush Lips, €13.50; By Terry, Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge, Hydra-Baume Combleur, €29. Another"kaleidoscope" texture that combines shine, coverage, mattness and comfort is that of Lancôme's latest"enveloping liquid red" (L'Absolu Velvet Intense Colour Velvety matt lacquer, 26.50 €, 9 shades, in November). Finally, in the spirit of"ghost" make-up (hear who doesn't see you), we always find universal balms for the lips and/or cheeks that pink according to the acidity of your skin (Sephora, Gloss Color Revealer, 6 ml, 12.90 € ; Givenchy, Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm, 10 ml, 29 € ; BB Blush Nude Magic L'Oréal Paris, 15 ml, 11.90 €).

As for the complexion, the main idea is that it must remain alive. For all those who cannot bear the thickness and"weight" of a foundation, or the sensation that it"suffocates" the skin, the complexion waters are perfect (Eau de Teint Nude Magique L'Oréal Paris, 20 ml, 14.50 €).

Another seasonal trend:"complexion serums", i.e. foundations that are also skin care serums. Their formula plume with equal parts pigments and active care (sugars, Hibiscus seed extract, vitamin E…). Presented in glass pump bottles or droppers (like a pipette), they are rather intended for mature skin because their fluid, fine and enveloping texture does not really mark wrinkles. Optically active, they correct the colour of the complexion (it tends to become more yellow over time), thanks to"chameleon" pigments coated with amino acids. Their serum texture, in perfect osmosis with the skin, stretches at will and immediately blends into the complexion, smoothing the features, all with a moisturizing and comfortable feeling. After that of Giorgio Armani (Maestro Maquillage Fusion SPF 15, 30 ml, 60 €), as light as water (an oil-pigment suspension without water or powder), here are those of Yves Saint Laurent (Youth Liberator, Serum de teint jeunesse SPF 20, 30 ml, 60 €, 12 shades) and By Terry (Terrybly Densiliss Teint Sérum, 85 €, 10 shades, in November).

Other 2-in-1: the foundation stick with a heart of Gemey-Maybelline powder (Fit Me Stick By Affinitone, 9 ml, 13 €) both unifying and mattifying. Or the first foam texture BB cream, with a powdery matte finish, that really lets you do without foundation: Diadermine, Lift + BB Anti-ageing velvet touch-tinted foam, 50 ml, 9.90 €, 2 shades.

Women aspire to a simplified beauty offer, this is the great reason for the success of BB creams:"BB fits me and not the opposite, it's the equivalent of a little black dress". For all those who want to play the"me for the better" look, without weighing down their schedule, hybrid make-up is the solution of the future…

Ariane Le Febvre

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