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The return of the lip pencil

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After the success of the big jumbo pencils which slipped (sometimes slipping, it must be said!) on the lips, here are the fine coloured pencils which not only draw them, but also - it is the novelty - to fill them. What more do they offer? Precision, coverage and, above all, a"tatoo" outfit that doesn't dry out the mouth. Cosmetics to reconnect with the childlike pleasure of colouring..;

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Playing the little color merchant!

Pencil lipstick is one of the strong trends in make-up for 2014. In the wake of the big jumbo, the new thin pencils are both expert and fun. They stylize the lips and make it possible to carry out some special effects (to go up the corners, to accentuate the bow of Cupid, even to fabricate fine lips by overflowing very slightly…). Pencil lips with a shade of the same shade as red is a tip for professional make-up artists to hold lipstick. And at the same time, similar to the famous Caran d'Ache™ crayons of our green years, they make fall back in childhood country!

Drawing and colouring

These new tools reconcile definition, glide and tenacity. Their pigments cling to the mucosa. It's definitely the lipsticks that hold the best! However, their mines, both firm and creamy, preserve the hydration of the mouth (this was the problem before, mines too dry, sometimes hurtful, could promote a hard and fixed line). Softer, the formulas, enriched with vegetable oils, shea butter (their jumbo cousins contain more waxes)… offer a good glide. and an unprecedented ease of application. Melting, they are easy to work with, while creating a barrier effect that prevents lipstick from spinning or migrating into fine lines. This is the case with By Terry Terrybly Lip Pencils (25 € with pencil sharpener, 4 shades, from the end of October), or Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Pencils (8.35 €, 12 shades). The Nars Velvet Lip Liner (20 €, 12 shades, from October), hems and colours the mouth with shades rich in velvet matte pigments. Clever, its retractable design allows precise application. This is one of the great strengths of these pencils: make a clean and burr-free line and draw the mouth with flexibility, without cardboarding or hardening the lines. Some, like Paul & Joe, even offer them in harmonious duets to vary the pleasures or give free rein to the creativity of each (Duo Contour des Lèvres, 18 €, 10 shades). The brand also offers in the same form - a fine pencil with two flesh-coloured leads - a correction duo. The lightest shade makes it possible to erase the zones of shade, the other to underline the bow of Cupid and to raise the corners (Duo Corrector Lèvres, 15 €).

A"fashion" bouquet of colours

Fall shade palettes range from nude to coral pink through plums, fuchsias, vibrant oranges and real reds. They can obviously be considered as the only"dressing" of the lips, or blurred with the finger if one considers the trace too severe. Or use them to support a lipstick stick (most brands offer coordinated shades), for a spectacular depth of tone.

Ariane Le Febvre

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