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Thursday, November 4, 2021Focus on French Launches

Nourishing body scrubs

Les gommages corps nourrissants

They compete with sensoriality, but above all, enriched with vegetable oils, these 2 in 1 not only exfoliate but also nourish the body at the same time, allowing to do without the body milk afterwards. This is a great way to revive a gesture that tends to fade away as the cold weather approaches…

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Often based on sugar and/or salt, body scrubs are getting a makeover this fall, offering new scents like the very Swedish elderflower from L: A BRUKET (Sea Salt and Elderflower Body Scrub, 420 g, €42), Frank Body’s Marshmallow (Buff Marshmallow Body Scrub, 220 g, €16.95 or ecorecharge 100 g, €9.90), coconut and eucalyptus from Oh My Cream Skincare (Nourishing Body Scrub, 200 ml, €30 or travel size 50 ml, €12), or blackberry from Yves Rocher (Mûre Gourmande, Gommage en Huile, Collection de Noël, 150 ml €6.95).

Non-abrasive, they offer creamy textures with perfectly round and polished grains that don’t cling to the skin and may also contain fruit enzymes and tropical oils, such as the new Buff Ryder body scrub by Fenty Skin (170 g, €27, at Sephora), or Yo Detox Face and Body Scrub with Enzymes by Wishful (100 ml, €39.90).
The latter offers a triple exfoliating action (physical, chemical and enzymatic) thanks to cellulose and charcoal, pineapple and papaya enzymes, and fruit acids (AHA and BHA).

Complete exfoliating action but total comfort also for the Gommage Corps Ressourçant by Olivier Claire (200 ml, €62), as rich in fruit acids and natural exfoliants (oyster shells, …

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