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Silver generation: what do women want?

Silver génération : que veulent les femmes ?

Women over 50 are (generally) not well represented in the world of cosmetics. And yet, they are consumers like any others, who are looking for skincare products adapted to their needs. To change the codes, the CEW and the Appinio polling institute conducted a survey among women aged 50 and over. The purpose? To better understand this target group, their feelings about the passing of time and what they expect from the beauty industry.

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According to the figures revealed by the survey, the number one marker of age gain for women aged 50 to 59 is menopause. In second place, we find the fact of passing the 50 years mark and the loss of a parent.
Those between 60 and 70 years of age explain that losing a parent, passing the age of 60 and being retired are among the elements that made them feel their coming of age.

As time goes by, respondents explained that they have difficulties in certain areas. They say that it is more complicated to:
• Fall in love
• Be attractive
• Keep or find a job
• Have a dynamic social life
• Meet friends
Nevertheless, these concerns fade with time.

The age paradox

Between the ages of 30 and 50, family, health and relationships are the top priorities for women.
After age 50, things change. Family, health and well-being are in the top 3.
As time goes by, women take time for themselves (68% at age 30 versus 81% at age 60) and pay attention to their image (46% at age 30 versus 71% at age 60).
“The refocusing on oneself also leads women aged 50 …

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