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Sept. 18, 2019 | They are the cosmetics

"Grey is the new green": REN skincare is rushing into the breach of eco-responsibility

Due to the ecological crisis, industry no longer has a choice: we must go green. While for some it is second nature, for others, the transition is not so easy. It was on the stage of the Beauty Day organised by CEW France that Arnaud Meyselle, CEO of REN, spoke to Laurence Dorlhac about the brand’s eco-responsible shift.

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Valérie Demars
02 March 2015 They are the cosmetics

Valérie Demars and her perfumes for the love of Aimée

She is bright, warm, generous. Valérie Demars draws her strength from unconditional love and a childhood dream, from her relationship with nature and the language of flowers, from her sacred spring and her grandmother, Aimée. Her aromaperfumery and line of perfumes unlike any other – with an active core straight ...

05 Jan. 2015 They are the cosmetics

Patrick O'Quin, a go-between at FEBEA pro

He replaced Alain Grangé-Cabane at the head of FEBEA last July 1st, 2014. Six months later, Patrick O’Quin confided his ‘discovery report’ to CosmeticOBS by providing a review of the Federation and the cosmetics sector. It was also an opportunity to unveil the missions he has decided to take on in the ...

Christelle Rischner
07 April 2014 They are the cosmetics

Christelle Rischner: professional make-up artist

She works in television, but you never see her. She travels with the Miss France contestants, but she’s never onstage… Christelle Rischner is a professional make-up artist. She is passionate about her profession and takes us on a backstage tour. Details. 

The Observatory of Cosmetics
10 March 2014 They are the cosmetics

Manufacturing operators… in soap school

Grasse, SE France, the capital of perfumes. In the ASFO facilities, a training centre for skills in perfume, aroma and cosmetics industries. Carole André is the trainer for the full morning, giving a lab course about the manufacturing of soap. Theory, recipe, putting into practice … some foiled results and ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
27 Jan. 2014 They are the cosmetics

Stephane Pirnay: the effervescence of an expert toxicologist

Expert toxicologists, who can sign product safety evaluations, have some of the most desirable skills in the cosmetics industry today (especially since the new Regulation went into effect). Job opportunities for these professionals abound, providing excellent career opportunities… but these days there is a shortage of candidates. How does one ...

Valérie Roucoules
18 Dec. 2012 They are the cosmetics

Valerie Roucoules: media relations, according to Pierre Fabre

Married, two children, twenty years in Pierre Fabre group. Valerie Roucoules works for Avène since 2001; however, she has been responsible for some time of René Furterer or Glytone. Her job? The press relations. Her training? She is a pharmacist. What is wrong? Nothing, indeed. Valerie explains and accepts her difference ...

05 Sept. 2012 They are the cosmetics

Guy Boulanger, Nafha founder

A paradoxical man, who accepts his contradictions, this is a self definition of Guy Boulanger. Together with Carol Gancia, his wife, they have founded the Nafha cosmetic brand. Though his life is full of back-and-forth and cross-roads, it is also rich in strong principles that structure and guide his choices ...

23 June 2012 They are the cosmetics

Anne Dux, her life, her work

To the FEBEA (the French Federation of Beauty Companies), she is as a rose in a bouquet of flowers: to be reckoned with, even essential, valued, at the core of the system … further, she is competent. She is the Director of the Scientific and Regulatory affairs. One could imagine, ...

25 March 2012 They are the cosmetics

Philippe Masson, a safety assessor

The Cosmetics Regulation requires a more thorough report on product safety. This report already existed in the Directive. However, its content shall be enriched and will be more complex, while the workload and the methods used by the safety assessor will dramatically increase. Hence, a need to define again the ...

17 Jan. 2012 They are the cosmetics

Robert Barouki, in the heart of endocrine disruptors

Bisphenol A, phthalates, parabens … every day, we are in contact with these scary endocrine disruptors. What do our politicians do to protect us? Bills, which are not endorsed … What do researchers do to make them take action at long last? CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques went to ask one of ...

Christophe Legraverend
08 Dec. 2011 They are the cosmetics

Christophe Legraverend, a Responsible Person in the Carrefour Group

The cosmetic sector is almost familiar now with the concept of the Responsible Person, as defined in the European Cosmetics Regulation that will applied in July 2013 in lieu of the current Directive. This role is wide. It is mandatory also for distributors … as the Carrefour Group. However, what is it ...

SGS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
25 Oct. 2011 They are the cosmetics

SGS: Professional people who monitor our cosmetics

Their daily business: standards, controls, checks, chemical tests, analyses, certifications. Their name is unknown on the labels, and yet, they work for the largest cosmetics companies, everywhere in the world. The managers of the SGS Life Sciences Services Department have welcome CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques in their office and laboratories in ...

12 Oct. 2011 They are the cosmetics

The Cosmetic Valley: when the best is made in … Chartres

The Cosmetic Valley is the first competitiveness cluster dedicated to perfumes and cosmetics in the world. These words may seem a bit abstract for outside people. Nevertheless, it means many things for the involved people: synergies between companies, of economy, research development, brand image of the French cosmetic industry … ...

Nadia Miller
17 Sept. 2011 They are the cosmetics

La Prairie: "green and overlooking the ocean" …

From 7 to 9 September 2011, the Biomarine Business Convention has been held in Nantes, Western France. This convention makes it easy to exchange pieces of information about the marine active ingredients, for instance, used in cosmetics. Among the lecturers, Nadia Miller and Sven Gohla, in charge of the International Development and of the Research ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
12 Sept. 2011 They are the cosmetics

Cosmetics on the Internet: DGCCRF cyber-investigators are watching!

We sometimes hesitate to buy our cosmetic products on the Internet. These dematerialized transactions, which require the provision of a credit card number and personal information to… we don't always know who, often inspire consumer mistrust. Yet the Internet is not a jungle without law and control. And it is ...

Claire Gagliolo
11 Aug. 2011 They are the cosmetics

Claire Gagliolo, Officinea founder

Claire Gagliolo is synonymous with honesty and transparency. The cosmetics brand she founded reflects her own personality: simple, but of high-quality, demanding till the point of always striving for perfection, while being, nevertheless, likable and filled with light, a responsible and corporate citizen even in its packaging.

D.R. Weleda
01 July 2011 They are the cosmetics

From plant to cosmetic ingredient

They flower in winter or summer, surround us or are cultivated under the Tropics… and are found in our cream jars for their multiple properties and their perfume! Flowers, leaves, roots… How do plant plants get into our hygiene and beauty products? What transformations do they undergo most often to ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
27 May 2011 They are the cosmetics

Behind the scenes of cosmetic manufacturing

What happens between the formulas developed and tested by the R&D (Research & Development) departments of cosmetic laboratories and the finished product that consumers find in stores or order on the Internet? What are the industrial means and key stages of a cosmetic production unit, most of which are unknown ...

With the increase in the number of its members, Cosmed extends its relays throughout France.
15 March 2011 They are the cosmetics

Michel Ceccaldi: the person who connects Cosmed with members

His days are busy. He has appointments in Paris as in Marseille. Alternatively, in Lyon, or Nantes, or … everywhere in France. He is 52 and is the "Members’ Coordinator", full time, for Cosmed. What is Cosmed? What kind of job is being the Members’ Coordinator? If you know nothing about such ...

27 Dec. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Patrick Beau, like a well done test… by Spincontrol!

The tests prove it, we are told, but how do they prove it? We still have our doubts, don't we? What are these tests? How reliable are they? How much credibility can be given to the figures they roughly display on the labels of our cosmetics? Response at Spincontrol, which ...

15 Dec. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Jessica Hamou, the patent of courage

She is just 32 years old but already has on her business card 8 years in cosmetics, the discovery of a new asset, a registered patent, a brand and a line of four products to exploit it, projects full head… and how did she succeed all this? By dint of energy and work and ...

Simple arguments that carry
01 Dec. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Sébastien Grellier, the trainer of your cosmetics consultants

Are you one of those cosmetic consumers who go to the pharmacist for advice on choosing a product and have you ever wondered where she got all her knowledge about the specific indications of one cream or the benefits of another?No, despite all his diplomas and skills, he does not ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
18 Nov. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Alban Muller: in his gardens, the tomorrow-cosmetic grows

Alban Muller heads, and has in his mind, more than one garden. They are exploited. In his company, a supplier of raw materials for the cosmetic industry, in the competitiveness cluster (the Cosmetic Valley) of which he is the Chairman, in the ideas he nurtures and that he spreads, as ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
20 Oct. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Anne Le Turnier, the challenge of organic cosmetics on the Internet

She is a Parisian who likes the country … or concrete with greens … in short, a woman who feels at ease in the city, but who is an advocate of nature protection and believes in the natural well-being. Her name is Anne Le Turnier. She has started an online ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
14 Sept. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Fabrice Paolini, an "organic innovator", added to a specific attitude of life

In the cosmetic world, he is called a consignment manufacturer or a subcontractor. Fabrice Paolini designs and manufactures cosmetics … by the name of other companies. For his customers, brands, which order products that he designs, develops and manufactures, before shipping them ready-to-market. His name is nowhere on the packaging, ...

Cyrille Telinge and her team of researchers wanted to develop the most natural formulas / D.R.
22 Feb. 2010 They are the cosmetics

Cyrille Telinge, the NOVExpert attitude

Considered as a UFO in the world less and less felted cosmetics, envied or criticized by many for its marketing communication that stands out, Cyrille Telinge does not leave indifferent. At 40 years old, the young creator of the NOVExpert brand, marketed in pharmacies since March 2008, displays with ease his green convictions ...

Faced with criticism, Catherine Desmares replies: we work and we move forward!
15 Dec. 2009 They are the cosmetics

Catherine Desmares : evaluation of cosmetics at the Afssaps

She's brown, dynamic, direct. She is Director of the evaluation of advertising, cosmetic products and biocides at Afssaps, the French Health Products Safety Agency. A very long title… for a list of responsibilities that is no less so! "Tell us about yourself," we asked Catherine Desmares. "I'm going to ...

Didier Lopez and Mylène Pillot : Papa et Maman Dermatherm
27 May 2009 They are the cosmetics

Mom and Dad Dermatherm and their children

They met in 2006 and didn't meet each other the first time they met: they had so much in common! First of all, this same vision of what their future children should be and become, of how they should be conceived in order to be able to present them to the world ...

Violet Watine: Madame… Miss Organic!
18 March 2009 They are the cosmetics

Violette Watine, at the heart of Mademoiselle Bio (i.e. Miss Organic)

Is it a name? A nickname, or a pseudo? A brand? … Mademoiselle Bio has become all this over time. Even more (this from the very beginning): Mademoiselle Bio is an adventure. Imagined, sustained and lived by its founder, a true Madame, and completely bio: Violette Watine.