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CosmeGreen, SurfactGreen's first cosmetic surfactant

CosmeGreen, le premier tensioactif cosmétique de SurfactGreen

Following the principles of green chemistry, SurfactGreen offers different types of eco-compatible, bio-sourced and biodegradable surfactants. They are obtained from renewable raw materials that do not compete with the food chain, which makes high-volume production possible. The surfactants developed by SurfactGreen find various applications: bituminous emulsions, industrial detergents, phyto-sanitary products, and now, with the new Cosmegreen, cosmetics.

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SurfactGreen’s cationic surfactants are all patented, bio-sourced, readily biodegradable and have low environmental toxicity.
They are currently available in four segments:
• DeterGreen™ : High performance readily biodegradable surfactants for detergent products with reduced ecotoxicity
• AdjuGreen™: Eco-friendly solutions for formulation of plant protection products
• EmulGreen™: Product range for the manufacture of cold bitumen emulsions more respectful of the environment and especially of employees’ safety
• CosmeGreen™ : Product range for the manufacture of hair care, 100% biobased, readily biodegradable with low eco-toxic profile

Sustainable and eco-responsible commitment

Reduced water pollution (biodegradability, low toxicity), green chemistry, reduced environmental impact of raw materials and minimized waste production (residues or co-products), manufacturing process without solvents, palm oil or GMOs, Vegan and made in France… CosmeGreen™ ES 1822+ is firmly rooted in the natural and ethical trend that dominates today’s hair care segment.
Derived from beet roots and rapeseed, it is non-toxic to aquatic organisms, is 80 times less toxic than Behentrimonium Chloride, and is not, like it or Cetrimonium Chloride, subject to CLP labelling.
It is 100% natural according to ISO 16128, COSMOS approved, and has the INCI name of Arachidyl/Behenyl Betainate Esylate, Arachidyl/Behenyl Alcohol.

Tests on the hair

To measure …

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