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Deobiome noni: the deodorant active ingredient that respects the microbiota

Deobiome noni : l'actif déodorant qui respecte le microbiote

How to control bad odours from perspiration while respecting the natural physiology of the skin? Deobiome noni, a new cosmetic active from Vytrus Biotech, is a prebiotic deodorant agent that reduces the formation of body odours while respecting the skin microbiota and allowing the skin to breathe. Presentation of this new active, by Òscar Expósito, Alejandro Guirado and Raúl Vallecillo, from Vytrus Biotech.

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Introduction: the challenge of fighting body malodour

The flourishing clean movement is among the new attitudes of consumers who search and choose products with less questioned and more sustainable ingredients, what also happens in the cosmetic sector.
In the field of fighting odour, there is a need for alternatives to the conventional products but respectful with an important physiological function such as the sweat production as well as respectful with the environment.

The current trend leads to attributes which are more respectful with the environment and the skin by offering new products capable of fighting against the bad body odour while being careful with a needed and natural activity for the organism: sweat production function.
The human being has been creating habits of personal hygiene that sweep the skin ecosystem and obstruct the natural function of the armpit, through the antiperspirant approach that blocks the sweat glands either lately or by using microbiocidal ingredients to avoid the proliferation of microbiota-derived malodour.

The daily battle against body odour is still dominated by two classical strategies: the so-called deodorants or body sprays simply kill bacteria by applying alcohol (ethanol) and cover malodour by using perfume; in contrast, antiperspirants clog sweat pores by …

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