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Gelyma's three latest marine active ingredients

Les trois derniers actifs marins de Gelyma

Based in Marseille and an expert in phycology (the science that studies algae), the French supplier of cosmetic raw materials Gelyma presents three new active ingredients, two for hair, one for skin, two based on brown algae, one based on red algae.

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Nowadays, a healthy-looking hair is a sign of good health with attractive appearance for women as well as men. The appearance of hair plays still an important role in people’s overall physical appearance and self-concept. Hair loss and hair damage are considered as aesthetic imperfections and social handicap.
Hair disorders have a dramatic impact on quality of life and emotional well-being. They are fundamentally caused by variations in hair follicle density, size and/or changes in the hair growth cycle as well as by hair loss (alopecia).
Such hair disorders must be taken into consideration and Gelyma offers two active ingredients to address these issues.

CAPHIRA®, designed to consolidate the hair’s integrity

CAPHIRA® combines an extract of the red alga Kappaphycus alvarezii supplemented with seawater and vegetable organic glycerin. It contains important minerals playing major roles for scalp and hair growth, specially magnesium, iron and zinc.
It offers a natural patented global protection to provide beauty and comfort to hair and scalp, working on the three parts of hair: the follicle, the fiber and the scalp.

At the follicle level
• It prevents hair loss
> It increases the follicle survival, therefore slows down apoptosis
> It stimulates the ferritin pathway …

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