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in-cosmetics Global: the 2020 Awards

in-cosmetics Global : les Awards 2020

in-cosmetics Global revealed the winners of its 2020 Awards during its virtual edition held from 6 to 8 October. 12 ingredients, launched on the market less than two years ago, were distinguished in the three categories of the competition: “green” ingredients, active ingredients and functional ingredients presented in the Innovation Zone.

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And the winners are…

Green Ingredients Award

Gold Award
Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH: Paradise Nut Oil/Magdalena River Nut Oil
An active ingredient that supports the regeneration of the skin’s lipid film, while improving the water retention capability of the skin, reducing transepidermal water loss

Silver Award
Cargill Beauty: FiberDesign™ Sensation
A sustainable and upclycled texturiser and emulsion stabiliser, designed specifically for skincare, based on citrus peel fibres from the pectin production side stream

Bronze Award
Minasolve SAS: A-Leen Aroma-3
A nature-derived perfuming agent, a 100% natural version of phenylpropanol produced from cassia essential oil that offers a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect

Best Innovation Zone Active Ingredients Awards

Gold Award
Vytrus Biotech: Kannabia Sense
Described as “the microbiota whisperer”, it is a probiotic treatment that stimulates the skin microbiota to produce an in-situ postbiotic cocktail that promotes the synthesis of cutaneous oxytocin

Silver Award
Vytrus Biotech: Deobiome noni
An innovative prebiotic deodorant treatment, that reduces the generation of body odour while allowing the skin to breathe and respecting the skin microbiota

Bronze Awards
Mibelle Biochemistry: Alpine Rose Active
A novel “senolytics” concept chosen for its ability to eliminate senescent skin cells and protect skin proteins from …

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