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InnerRenewal [CC+A], , Naolys' new anti-ageing active ingredient


Skin aging is certainly a natural mechanism that cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. Naolys, an ingredient supplier from Bordeaux, has developed a cosmetic active ingredient based on cornflower capable of firming the dermis and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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“Ageing shows itself first on our skin. It sags, wrinkles, becomes drier and more sensitive. Most of this change is actually due to the alterations that take place in the key layer of the skin, the dermis,” explains Naolys. “If it changes, it’s because the fibroblasts are damaged, diminished by daily oxidation, the one first generated by our own bodies. The skin no longer produces enough collagen fibres, nor substances such as water-laden proteins such as hyaluronic acid. The epidermis is then insufficiently irrigated, and also degrades. In order to slow down the ageing process of the dermis, it is therefore necessary to act at the level of its cells and support them in their overall mechanism.”

To counter the signs of time, Naolys has developed a plant active ingredient based on cornflower cells. To counter the signs of time, Naolys has developed a plant-based active ingredient based on cornflower cells, which deliver vitamin C to help skin cells function better and thus gain firmness.

Objective claims

InnerRenewal [CC+A] can :
• Restore the synthesis of the components essential to skin firmness (collagen fibres and polysaccharides)
• Restart the proliferation of keratinocytes (essential for the density and superficial hydration of …

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