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Omegablue®: Givaudan's new upcycled active ingredient

Omegablue® : le nouvel actif upcyclé de Givaudan

Givaudan, supplier of cosmetic ingredients, has just launched the latest addition to its portfolio: Omegablue®. Made from bilberry oil and intended for sensitive skin, this active ingredient is in line with the eco-responsibility trend that is stirring the beauty industry. It was presented during a webinar organized by Givaudan and broadcast on March 8, 2021.

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Givaudan wanted to provide an answer to all people suffering from skin disorders. And to do so, the supplier chose the naturality track, a major trend among consumers.

Skin problems
Skin sensitivity is a widespread problem (pollution, UV, wearing a mask…).
Currently, 43% of Italian women and 48% of French women describe their skin as sensitive.
The same is true for China, where 59% of cosmetics consumers say they prefer products adapted to fragile skin.
An allergy or skin discomfort may start with increased skin sensitivity, then evolve into an allergic-like condition that in turn triggers new sensitivity in an endless cycle of skin barrier damage.

Other causes of stratum corneum breakdown include
• Excessive use of soaps/detergents
• Excessive use of alcohol-based disinfectants
• An imbalance in the skin’s microflora
All of these factors can lead to the development of eczema or psoriasis.

These skin conditions affect more and more people around the world:
• 125 million people have eczema, 20% of whom are children
• 3% of adults worldwide have atopic dermatitis
• 70% of eczema sufferers say they are actively looking for new products to help them.

For consumers, environmental issues are important.
98% of Chinese, …

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