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Three new actives from Lipoid Kosmetik

Trois nouveaux actifs de Lipoid Kosmetik

In view of the in-cosmetics Global trade fair, which was originally scheduled to take place in Barcelona (Spain) in the spring of 2020, Lipoid Kosmetik, a specialist in plant extracts and natural phospholipids, had planned the launch of three of its latest products. The postponement of the show due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 somewhat modified these plans, but not the interest of these new ingredients!

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Blossom Honey Pro

Sweet Luxury for Moisture & Volume
Honey is a strong brand, and a success story. Already in ancient Greece, honey was used as natural doping, energy source and cure-all. Still today, honey is associated with positive attributes and emotions: it is natural, sustainable, sweet, precious, luxurious and nutritious.
Blossom Honey Pro is a COSMOS-certified, substantiated extract based on organic acacia honey, and is refined for optimal cosmetic use. Honey’s composition full of sugars and more than 200 bioactive compounds result in the following benefits of Blossom Honey Pro:
• Nourishment & energy supply to enhance skin cell proliferation and activity
• Powerful moisturization through increased water attraction & storage
• Enhancement of skin volume and plumping by generating osmotic pressure
The positive associations of honey in combination with its proven efficacy make Blossom Honey Pro a powerful ingredient for nourishing, moisturizing and volumizing cosmetic applications.


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