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Titanium dioxide (TiO2): Preliminary Opinion of the SCCS

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) : Opinion préliminaire du CSSC

Following the classification of titanium dioxide as a category 2 carcinogen by inhalation (CMR2), the European Commission asked the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) to assess its safety. The experts have just published their Preliminary Opinion. It was adopted by written procedure on 7 August 2020, and is open for comments until 7 September 2020.

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The European Commission on 4 October 2019 adopted for TiO2 a classification as a “Carcinogen Category 2 (inhalation)”. This classification applies to TiO2 “in powder form containing 1% or more of particles with aerodynamic diameter ≤ 10 µm.”
In January 2020, industry submitted a dossier to support the safety of TiO2 according to Article 15(1) Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009. Since the nano form of TiO2 is already restricted under entry 27a of Annex VI to Regulation 1223/2009 (i.e. not to be used in applications that may lead to exposure of the end-user’s lungs by inhalation), this dossier covers only the non nano form of TiO2. More specifically, this dossier is confined to the uses of TiO2 (non nano) in cosmetic products that may give rise to consumer exposure by the inhalation route (i.e. aerosol, spray and powder form products).

For an exhaustive background information, see the articles
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1. In light of the data provided and of the possible classification as Carcinogen Cat. 2 (inhalation) in Annex VI to Regulation (EC) No.1272/2008, does …

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