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Created and run by Jean-Claude Le Joliff, the Cosmetotheque aims to create and manage a conservatory of cosmetic professions in order to promote, transmit and preserve this heritage and related know-how.
To do this, it aims to record the state of the art, to find and/or reconstitute processes allowing the realization of cosmetic products, to reconstitute the history of brands, products, ingredients or techniques having existed with a view to the realization of cosmetic products.

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11 Jan. 2017 Cosmetotheque

A young girl full of vitality: European cosmetics regulations

This young creation, which continues to be the object of the permanent torment of a large number of professionals in the cosmetic industry, good or bad, is still in the news. But who is she? After having been in force for more than 30 years before being entirely revised in the form ...

29 April 2015 Cosmetotheque

Skin from every angle - Part 3

In this section, Michelle Vincent leads us to other contributions, those describing how some private companies have ensured the continuity of university research work in skin bioengineering to complement in their own way the initial knowledge. These contributions are not the only ones (and we will try to get more ...

22 April 2015 Cosmetotheque

Skin from every angle - Part 2

Michelle Vincent invites us to pursue the discovery of clinical research in cosmetics through the work and contributions that have gradually helped to describe the concept of"healthy skin". These approaches have led to important advances for this industry, which until then was only interested in the skin through the ingredients ...

26 Nov. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Skin Hydration: Formulator's Perspective

Here is a short history of hydration, seen from the formulator's point of view through the ingredients (taken from a lecture by Jean Claude Le Joliff at the Société Francophone d'Ingénierie et d'Imagerie Cutanée (SF2iC) - Paris 24/10/2013). The claim"moisturizing cream" is probably one of the oldest claims in the world ...

12 Nov. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Clinical Skin

Characterizing the skin has long been one of the major prerequisites for the correct use of cosmetics and, of course, for the choice of ingredients. What an effort and work to define this complex tissue that is the skin, and more specifically its upper part. In this dossier, we propose ...

12 Nov. 2014 Cosmetotheque

The skin from every angle

1. From observation to measurement: Birth of skin biometrology. The skin is the visible organ par excellence. Taking care of your skin is an integral part of life. Whatever civilizations, humans have always sought to embellish their image. Egyptian papyrus already described the first beauty recipes. In the 16th century, Latin ...

05 Nov. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Beauty Secrets

The Cosmetotheque® invites you on an initiatory journey into the world and the history of cosmetics. While Paris was hosting the 28th IFSCC Congress, we reported the first fruits of which on the baptismal font, already in Paris, in the yearn 1957, the Bibliothèque Inter Universitaire de Santé de Paris devoted a ...

29 Oct. 2014 Cosmetotheque


"Every woman deserves a man who ruins her lipstick, but not her mascara!" Eyelashes have never been looked at as much as today. Eyelash makeup, and eye contour makeup more generally, is perhaps the oldest known makeup gesture. To this day, mascara represents one of the most important make-up products.

08 Oct. 2014 Cosmetotheque

When Proteins associate with Lipids - Dossier

Biochemistry is the scientific discipline that studies chemical reactions that take place within living organisms and therefore within cells. Carl Neuberg is credited with creating this term in 1903 from the Greek root ί (biochēmeia), i.e. as the chemistry of life, but it was a word that had already been circulating ...

02 April 2014 Cosmetotheque

Dorin House

When I started working on this Cosmetotheque® project, I tried to meet some people I thought would be helpful in moving the project forward. Among these, there is Jean-Marie Hattemberg, who exercises his expertise in the limited world of collectors of perfume bottles and beauty objects.

By Aram Dulyan (User:Aramgutang) (Personal work)[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
26 Feb. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Boron and Beauty - Dossier

The CSAS re-evaluated the issue of boron compounds in December 2013. Indeed, some are classified as CMR category 1B according to part 3 of Annex VI of Regulation CLP 1272/2008. In addition, it is noted that some borates, such as tetraborate and octaborate, dissociate on contact with water to form boric acid, a CMR cat 1B ...

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21 Jan. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Hello, Cosmetotheque®?

This year begins with a new challenge, the creation of the Cosmetotheque®, which is for me the culmination of a process I joined several years ago. Indeed, I was always interested in what my friend Jean Kerléo, with whom I worked at Helena Rubinstein, was doing and who created the ...

123rf-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
21 Jan. 2014 Cosmetotheque

Who are we?

Created and run by Jean-Claude Le Joliff, the Cosmétothèque is an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901. Its board is currently composed of Jean-Claude Le Joliff (president), André Cornevaux (treasurer) and Daniel Joutard (secretary). Its statutes are as follows;