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July 10, 2019 | Cosmetics news

On the CosmeticOBS editors' agenda

Very regularly, the CosmeticOBS editorial team attends different types of events: congresses, exhibitions, press presentations, conferences… Just as regularly, it offers exhaustive reports to its subscribers, with its articles, summaries, videos… So get ready to know…

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22 Feb. 2010 Cosmetics news

Bisphenol A: Afssa underlines problems in evaluating endocrine disruptors

The polemic and the various scientific studies published on the dangers of Bisphenol A, in particular concerning fetuses, had led Afssa (French Agency for Health Safety of Foods), on their own initiative, to create input for the dossier by asking their committees of experts to study the subject. The conclusions ...

Clarins' acquisition of Kibio
04 Feb. 2010 Cosmetics news

Kibio : 100% Clarins cosmetics

The news had been whispering for a few days and it became official: the Clarins group has just acquired the entire capital of the organic cosmetics brand Kibio. With the key to changes in the management of the company, which sees its creators, Laurent Potier and Pierre Cabane leave. This ...

A new one year delay before the safety assessment of hair dyes by Europe.
05 Jan. 2010 Cosmetics news

New Deferment for Haircolor

It has been a few years now that substances used in haircolor have been the subject of a comprehensive assessment of safety, performed on the European level, because of their toxic potential and their highly allergenic character. Within this framework, 31 substances of capillary dyes were temporarily authorized until 31 December 2009,  while awaiting ...

04 Jan. 2010 Cosmetics news

The Absolute of Lemongrass Newly Authorized in Cosmetic Perfumes

Up to the present, and since an opinion given in May 2000 by the scientific committee of European cosmetic products European, the use of the oil of verbena (Lippia citriodora Kunth., in French citronelle - lemongrass - or odorous vervain) was prohibited in cosmetic products. Evolution of the regulation: recent Directive of 22 December 2009 rehabilitates this ingredient ...

Friends of the Earth Australia's Safe Sunscreen Guide  2009-2010
31 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Nanoparticles and sunscreens: the 2009-2010 Friends of the Earth-Australia guide

The Australian branch of the international NGO Friends of the Earth releases its 2009-2010 guide on nanoparticles–free sunscreens, in 77 countries. Interesting …

28 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

After the death of its founder, Yves Rocher will remain a family business

The succession had been prepared for over four years. Despite the death of its founding president, who passed away on 26 December at the age of 79, the group will retain its family status and financial independence.

A new Code of Ethics for cosmetic advertising
18 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Advertisement and cosmetics: Two months left to comply with the new requirements

The Board of Directors of the Authority of Professional Regulation of Advertisement (ARPP, as per its French acronym) has just validated a new Code of Ethics for cosmetics. This code is set to give guidelines, whatever the means the information is given to the customer. Be aware, manufacturers and marketing ...

Each of our daily actions has an environmental impact!
18 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Exposition of environmental cosmetics: Get ready!

We have started to talk more and more about environmental impact, in professional circles. And soon consumers will have to consider it before buying any products of everyday life … cosmetics included. The listing of environmentally safe products for mass consumption will become a reality … even if it is still unclear ...

15 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Zero-rated cosmetics… before they were!

Who said anything about a cosmetic tax? Forget it: it was removed… before it even existed!

14 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Nanoparticles: the debate goes on

While, early December 2009, the French Agency for the Sanitary Occupational and Environment Safety (Afsset), has commented the results of a study on nanoparticles and their potential risks when used in cosmetics, in the main French cities, there are public meetings organized by the Commission dedicated to the public debate on ...

The Senate taxes cosmetics
04 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

A tax on cosmetics?

Surprise in the Senate on December 3rd. As part of the review of the 2010 Finance Bill, and against the advice of the government, Senators passed an amendment that introduces a new tax on cosmetics. It remains to be seen whether this provision will be retained in the final text..;

A study with surprising lessons
04 Dec. 2009 Cosmetics news

Do you know organic cosmetics?

There's a lot of talk about the organic wave. In cosmetics, there is even talk of a promising trend, with some not hesitating to see in it the only future of the entire sector. Others, however, readily point out that the organic market share is still very small and ...

27 Oct. 2009 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics for Babies: The Response of Afssaps to the C2DS

The"anti-mallet" campaign launched by the C2DS (Committee for Sustainable Development in Health) in the fall of 2008 had made great noise and alerted public opinion. This group of doctors, chemists, oncologists and directors of health establishments and maternity wards accused the kits offered at birth to young mothers of representing a ...

17 Oct. 2009 Cosmetics news

How do you perceive your child's skin?

Presented during the 9th Scientific and Technical Exchange Day organized by Cosmed (the cosmetics industry association), on October 9 in Montpellier, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board of the Montpellier cosmetics industry was held;tude de L'Institut des Mamans, the specialist in studies and advice on pregnant women, mothers ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
04 Oct. 2009 Cosmetics news

Beauty, good for your health?

Take care of your skin, put make-up on, do your hair… gestures perhaps not as futile as you might imagine. Indeed, we know better and better the very close relations between the skin and the nervous system, between the health of the epidermis and the psychological balance. With a logical ...

27 Sept. 2009 Cosmetics news

Squalene, Glycerine, L'Oréal and Roger Federer: cosmetic week in brief

The world of cosmetics, it is a proven fact, is in perpetual movement. Sometimes there are big events, sometimes progress that we like to talk about, sometimes small, more anecdotal jolts… What happened this week? A quick overview so that you don't say we didn't tell you!

15 June 2009 Cosmetics news

Atoderm PP anti-recurrence - Bioderma emollient balm : check your batch number !

The Afssaps (French Health Products Safety Agency) reports that a packaging error of the Atoderm PP anti-recurrence product - Bioderma brand emollient balm caused a burn in a 4-year-old child. The batch concerned, No

C2MR - Glass bottle and its radiography.
21 May 2009 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics enter the museum

Two exhibitions devoted to body care and cosmetics from Antiquity to the Renaissance deal with the history of bathing and cleansing over time. Representations, objects, utensils, recipes… bear witness to ancient uses in the field of beauty. Art is associated here with science with the results of a joint study ...

16 May 2009 Cosmetics news

COSMOS, it's for tomorrow! (All right, rather the day after tomorrow…)

We have been hoping for this for several years. We talk about it, we imagine it, we expect it… but waiting for the standardized European specifications for natural and organic cosmetics have tended to be like waiting for Godot. However, it does come in. As proof, the meeting of Cosmébio ...

A Swedish study shows that linalool may be more allergenic than we thought.
31 March 2009 Cosmetics news

Linalol: more allergenic than previously thought?

Linalol is an aromatic substance, naturally present in the essential oils of lavender and lavandin, woodland pine or peppermint or in many vegetable extracts. In the European Union, it is classified among allergenic molecules, which it is mandatory to put in the list of ingredients. Nevertheless, it was considered as ...

Click here to download the press release issued by the European Parliament following the vote.
24 March 2009 Cosmetics news

A new European Regulation on Cosmetic Products

On Tuesday 24 March, 2009, the European Parliament has endorsed a new European Regulation on Cosmetic Products, which will replace the Directive (dating back to 1976) which still governs them today. A large majority of Members of Parliament voted in favour (633), while 29 were against and 11 abstained.  Applicable from 2013, it takes back some of the ...

23 March 2009 Cosmetics news

Cosmed regulatory meetings: an update on current cosmetic projects

Aluminium, alcohol, nanomaterials, preservatives… the regulatory meetings organised by Cosmed, the Professional Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in the cosmetics sector, which were held on 19 March in Marseille, were an opportunity to take stock of current events in the cosmetics world. The Observatory was there. Small report.

A new step for animal welfare advocates
17 March 2009 Cosmetics news

End of testing cosmetics on animals?

Since March 11, 2009, another milestone has been reached in the progressive ban on animal testing planned by the European Community. After the ban dealing with marketed cosmetic products, enforced since September 11, 2004, ingredients used in products shall now be tested using other methods, known as alternative methods. Is that equivalent ...

© Birgit Reitz Hofmann ?
13 March 2009 Cosmetics news

Towards lower cosmetic prices?

Will the crisis, which affects the cosmetics sector like many others, have favourable consequences for consumers' wallets? According to a study by Précepta, a subsidiary of the Xerfi analysis group, the market, currently stagnating, should rebound in 2010, with a new concept in particular:"low-cost" cosmetics.

Download the summary of this survey in pdf format
06 March 2009 Cosmetics news

"Bio with no Preservatives"in the line of sight for Health Authorities

We already spoke about this with you last November 7 under this same heading; the market for cosmetics stamped bio and natural with "no preservatives" are the object of special attention at this time by Afssaps and DGCCRF. These two organizations are currently publishing the official results of an investigation by their ...

16 Feb. 2009 Cosmetics news

L'Oréal : Sales up but profits down

This is no longer a scoop, nor a surprise: L'oréal, the largest cosmetics group in the world, is suffering from the crisis like the others. And while it is still showing positive results, the double-digit growth period to which it has been accustomed for years is well and truly ...

Christian Dior announces improved results
06 Feb. 2009 Cosmetics news

2008: another year of growth for the Christian Dior Group

In the context of the crisis, which has seen many cosmetics groups announce lower results and layoffs, this press release published by Christian Dior is a decision. The group announces a 4% increase in sales, partly driven by its Perfumes and Cosmetics department.

05 Feb. 2009 Cosmetics news

Dismissals at Estée Lauder

The wave of job cuts and savings plans continues among cosmetics manufacturers, and today it is the American group Estée Lauder (Clinique, Bobbi Brown,  Origins…) that is announcing declining results and drastic measures to face the crisis.

Download the pre-programme of the COSMED 2009 Regulatory Meetings.
22 Jan. 2009 Cosmetics news

COSMED Cosmetic Regulatory Meetings

Mark your calendars! As every year for 9 years now, COSMED, the Professional Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in the cosmetics industry, will hold its Regulatory Meetings on March 19, in Marseille. Innovation for 2009, the day will also be doubled and organized, with an identical program, on June 16 in Paris.

20 Jan. 2009 Cosmetics news

Despite the crisis, Pierre Fabre continues to invest

71 million euros, this is what the Pierre Fabre dermocosmetics group will devote to increasing production capacity at its Soual site in the Tarn region. Ultimately, the operation should also create 150 jobs.

Liv Friis-Larsen -
15 Jan. 2009 Cosmetics news

Top 10 cosmetic ingredients 2009

It is obvious that cosmetic products do not escape the dictates of fashion. Apparently, neither are their ingredients. A major American advertising agency, Pierce Mattie PR, specialized in media campaigns in the fashion, beauty and cosmetics sectors, has just published its top 10 cosmetic ingredients that we should hear the most about ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
09 Jan. 2009 Cosmetics news

Allergies to cosmetics - A report on the Paris, 2008 Conference on Dermatology

The Paris Conference on Dermatology was held on mid-December. Coordinated by the French Society of Dermatology, they help the professionals to broaden their knowledge, thanks to the latest pieces of information. The last conference  dealt with the allergies to cosmetics.

08 Jan. 2009 Cosmetics news

Cattier's response to the Afssaps ban on its foaming gel for babies

On 6 January, we learned of the ban on the manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing of the hair and body foaming gel from the Bébé range of the Cattier laboratory, justified by the Afssaps (French Agency for Health and Beauty);health product safety comfort level) by the absence of a"specific end-product ...

Chanel cuts 200 jobs.
30 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

Chanel affected by the crisis

After L'Oréal, it is now the turn of the luxury group Chanel to announce job cuts, following the difficulties encountered in these times of crisis.

18 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

A sun cream withdrawn from the market

Health police decision from the Afssaps (French Health Products Safety Agency, also in charge of cosmetics): Sun cream IP 99 = SPF 40 Very high protection from the company Bio Arômes is now prohibited from manufacturing, packaging, distribution and marketing.

L'Oréal in the face of the crisis
12 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

With L'Oréal, the crisis affects the biggest

This announcement comes directly from the world's largest cosmetics group: L'Oréal will cut 500 jobs (out of 10,500) in the United States over the next six months. Reason given: the current economic context.

The Academy of Medicine takes a stand in the debate on cosmetics for babies.
10 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics for babies: the Academy of Medicine wants to calm the game

A working group of the Academy of Medicine has just published a statement on the risks of cosmetics for babies. According to its members,"worrying public opinion without evidence is in no way a scientific and ethical approach" and"the precautionary principle cannot justify a systematically alarmist attitude". The Minister ...

Roselyne Bachelot and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet target reprotoxic compounds in cosmetics
08 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

A logo on cosmetics dangerous to health?

Dangerous compounds, particularly for reproduction (phthalates and other endocrine disrupters), are at the heart of the debate on the safety of cosmetics. Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health, has just pointed the finger at them, questioning the possibility of affixing a logo to products containing them indicating that they"are not ...

Afssaps announces the withdrawal of lots of a Klorane eye make-up remover lotion
04 Dec. 2008 Cosmetics news

Withdrawal of lots? Klorane Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Communiqué of the Afssaps : Following the occurrence of adverse reactions and as a precautionary measure, Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetic laboratories, in agreement with Afssaps, proceeded with the withdrawal of certain batches of the soothing make-up removering lotion KLORANE with sensitive blueberry-Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetic eyes.

27 Nov. 2008 Cosmetics news

0 + 0 + 0 = 7

Doesn’t this equation seem wrong to you? There is however a Danish toxicologist and researcher who states it seriously for the world, and who proves it. Unfortunately this addition is correct, and its result is terrible … when it applies to the effects caused by endocrine disturbances in human health.

A joint survey by the DGCCRF and Afssapas on
07 Nov. 2008 Cosmetics news

Report on "Without preservative" cosmetic products

The recent upsurge of the "Without preservative" mention on labels has drawn the attention of the French sanitary authorities. The General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control and the French Agency of Sanitary Safety of Health Products (Afssaps, as per its French acronym) made an inquiry during ...

29 Oct. 2008 Cosmetics news

Pierre Fabre: 3 months to sell online

Traditionally, the Pierre Fabre group (Avène, Klorane, A-Derma, Galénic…) refused to sell its products on the Internet and reserved them for the network of pharmacies and parapharmacies, to"guarantee respect for the quality of its products". Today, however, he is obliged to make them available online…