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May 23, 2019 | Cosmetics news

Laboté, in harmony with essential oils

For the past two years, the cosmetics brand Laboté has been offering personalized, up-to-the-minute facial skincare products. Lucille Battail, founder of the brand, has just released her first body product: a nourishing oil enriched with a bouquet of essential oils.

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Luna Fofo
15 Jan. 2019 Cosmetics news

What is the value of Foréo's Luna Fofo cleaning brush?

In recent years, the trend has been towards electric brushes to cleanse the face. It is well known that a pair of hands is all it takes to succeed in this manoeuvre, but Foréo nevertheless offers, like many brands, its own version of this trend, the Luna Fofo.

ADF&PCD exhibitions
14 Jan. 2019 Cosmetics news

ADF-PCD: 15th editions

For their 15th edition, the ADF (Aerosols & Dispensing Forum) and PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design) exhibitions are expanding, and will be held in Pavilion 7.2 at Porte de Versailles on 30 and 31 January 2019. Design, sustainable development and French know-how will be on the focus of this edition.

09 Jan. 2019 Cosmetics news

Preservatives: who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Often banned by the consumerist press, they are considered dangerous ingredients although essential to the preservation of cosmetics. During a workshop organised for journalists on 11 December 2018, led by Françoise Audebert, Regulatory and Scientific Advisor and Anne Dux, Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, FEBEA decided to take up the challenge in ...

U'Cosmetics 10th edition
09 Jan. 2019 Cosmetics news

U'Cosmetics: when art inspires cosmetic innovation

Art can be found in our history and in our daily lives as well as in our know-how. It influences the daily creation of cosmetic products by inspiring new galenic products, new gestures or new packaging. For its 10th anniversary, on March 21, 2019, U’Cosmetics invites you to discover its new ...

The 2019 cosmetic agenda
01 Jan. 2019 Cosmetics news

The cosmetic agenda for 2019

The year 2019 promises to be a great year for cosmetic news. On the agenda: many regulations and new obligations affecting ingredients are being implemented, others (on allergens or microplastics) are in preparation. 2019 will also be the year of new provisions for the use of claims, profound changes at the international level ...

17 Dec. 2018 Cosmetics news

Discover the cosmetics jobs!

Perfumery and cosmetics are a key sector of the French economy. However, its professions and the opportunities they offer are often unknown to the general public. Cosmetic Valley and the Maison des Entreprises et de l’Emploi of the Chartraine agglomeration have created a mobile application to help you discover ...

FEBEA's White Paper What does my cosmetic product contain?
04 Dec. 2018 Cosmetics news

FEBEA responds to apps with a White Paper

It is entitled “What does my cosmetic product contain?”. To this question that consumers are increasingly asking themselves and to which they are looking for an answer with applications for decrypting ingredient lists, the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) has decided to answer with this White Paper. Available online ...

European Parliament against microplastics
03 Dec. 2018 Cosmetics news

Microplastics: the European Parliament acts… and makes it known

Microplastics are currently at the heart of all the concerns and attention of legislators around the world. And even if the cosmetics sector only contributes 2% to marine pollution by plastic particles, it is the first to be affected by the ban policies that are being put in place. Europe has ...

L'Oréal-Gjosa innovation
29 Nov. 2018 Cosmetics news

L'Oréal and Gjosa unveil eco-friendly shower and shampoo combination

L’Oréal has teamed up with Swiss start-up Gjosa to invent a way of reducing the environmental impact of washing your hair. The beauty giant and the tech company have unveiled a low-flow showerhead and an easy-rinse shampoo combination that means the amount of water needed to wash the hair ...

ADF/PCD congress
28 Nov. 2018 Cosmetics news

ADF&PCD Paris 2019: packaging in all its forms

ADF&PCD Paris 2019 is a unique concept that brings together two trade shows with strong synergies. Still in pole position, this first packaging event of the year is, without a doubt, the world’s leading professional event on innovation in packaging, aerosols and distribution systems.

White paper of French League against Cancer
27 Nov. 2018 Cosmetics news

A "Toxiscore" on cosmetic labels?

Will there soon be a “marking” of cosmetic products containing ingredients with carcinogenic potential? In any case, this is what the French League against Cancer is proposing to strengthen disease prevention. An initiative suggested first at French level, then harmonised at European level.

Movember's moustache
05 Nov. 2018 Cosmetics news

Movember: moustache month

The month formerly known as November is now the biggest global men’s beauty event in the calendar - but though it may sound frivolous, it has a serious cause. Facial hair is once again under the spotlight, as the 2018 edition of the annual moustache-growing competition begins - all in the name of ...

Chest game
30 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetic applications: last talks before war?

Decryption applications are all the rage. And for good reason, in a single gesture, they make it possible to lift the veil on the composition of everyday products. While this promise of transparency is enthusiastically welcomed by consumers, the cosmetics industry is denouncing the dissemination of sometimes erroneous information. The ...

Social networks
24 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

Social networks: cradle of influence

From dawn to night, we swear by them. Whether it is to communicate, share your daily life or get informed, they are absolutely everywhere, and even shake up our consumption habits. Facebook IQ conducted a study to highlight the role of social networks, from discovery to buying.

22 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

Questioning of cosmetic applications: Clean Beauty's response

New episode in the debate on the relevance of cosmetic applications proposing to decipher ingredient lists: Candice Colin and Dr Claire Gagliolo, co-creators of the Clean Beauty application, denounce the “amalgams” contained in the FEBEA press release calling for “transparency and scientific rigour”*.

Vocal assistants
17 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

Voice assistants: new challenges for beauty brands pro

Virtual assistants are everywhere. Google, Alexa, Siri and many others are now integrated into the way we consume digital. If they make life easier for users, they can be a challenge for manufacturers, including beauty professionals. Indeed, the challenge is to become a leading brand in the world of voice ...

Beauty press'logo
16 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

When press relations become easier

Whether for a journalist or a brand, it is not always easy to reach the right target in time, due to the lack of qualified contact. To meet this recurring need, Webportalis has created Beautypress, an online platform for brands and beauty media to meet.

CosmeticOBS's 10th anniversary
15 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

OMG, 10 years!

There we are… The wheel is turning and time is passing, and CosmeticOBS is officially 10 years old. Since its first articles published online in 2008, our information portal has changed a lot. Over the days (and now years), it has grown, been enriched with sections and dossiers, has gradually accumulated many references ...

Organic cosmetics
08 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

Organic cosmetics please French women

The “organic”-labelled cosmetics offer is growing day by day and is fills up the hygiene and beauty departments. In order to better understand the behaviour and expectations of consumers in terms of natural cosmetics, Nuoo box (beauty box specialized in organic products) conducted a study in partnership with IFOP.

Pinterest's beauty trends
03 Oct. 2018 Cosmetics news

What are the most popular beauty trends of 2018?

Whoever has never used Pinterest should report himself! This very popular social network is the main source of inspiration for many people. Cooking, sports, fashion, everything goes there, including cosmetics. The platform has just published its report on the beauty trends most sought after by users in 2018.

Parfums&Cosmétiques's congress
18 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

16th Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress: the programme

As every year, the Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress is held in Chartres on 14 & 15 November 2018. Organized by the Cosmetic Valley, this event is the flagship event for players in the cosmetics industry. Two days of conferences are planned to allow industry and the authorities to discuss regulatory ...

woman buying stuff online
17 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

Selective perfumeries: when online and retail work hand in hand

Today, consumers have the choice between buying from their sofa or going to the shops. Far from competing with each other, these two options are both popular with consumers, for plenty of reasons.

13 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

September 30, 2018 : L'Oréal Paris transforms the Seine into a giant catwalk

After having taken over the Champs-Elysées last year for a spectacular show, L’Oréal Paris strikes even harder by organising its next fashion and beauty show on… the Seine. Open to all, the event will be held on 30 September at 2pm at the Port of Solferino (Paris 7e).

Skin diagnosis
11 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

The skin diagnosis is still popular!

As we know, the trend is not new, but it continues to be emulated on the beauty planet. Today, nobody can still composes the beauty routine at random, it is the nature of the skin that dictates it. Here are two different methods to carry out an analysis of your ...

11 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

Naturkosmetik Branchencongress: the 2018 edition

The 11th conference on natural and organic cosmetics will be held in Berlin on 25 and 26 September 2018. Two days of conferences are planned to address the hottest topics of the sector.

10 Sept. 2018 Cosmetics news

Retail: Seduction operation

If the explosion of e-commerce has significantly revolutionized our lives, the shops are frowning. And for good reason, they have seen a sharp drop in traffic due to the convenience of online shopping. However, they have not yet said their last word and are finding ways to win back customers ...

28 Aug. 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetic ingredients identified as ‘Endocrine Disruptors’

Since the criteria that help identify endocrine disruptors have not been defined yet for the cosmetics industry, one might be tempted to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that there can be a problem. There is no doubt a number of consumers and associations representing them ...

10 Aug. 2018 Cosmetics news

Endocrine disruptors: why do they raise so much concern?

Endocrine disruptors are substances which can affect the endocrine system. Some of them have the ability to mimic the action of hormones or block their receptors. Others hamper their transport, production, or degradation in the body. The possible consequences of these interactions are most worrying, because they vary a lot ...

UEBT's logo
26 July 2018 Cosmetics news

UEBT launches certification label pro

Although the cosmetics industry is doing well, it cannot be denied that it has been facing a climate of mistrust for a while. Consumers expect both transparency and ethics. And it is with this in mind that UEBT created their own certification label as a guarantee for ethical and respectful ...

25 July 2018 Cosmetics news

These ingredients we should no longer use in any formula (2/2) - 2018 Version pro

Which cosmetic ingredients is it cautious to avoid in new product formulas, if we want to take into account the restrictive regulations under way and the media controversies on cosmetics safety? Here is the second part of the Black List drawn by CosmeticOBS.

25 July 2018 Cosmetics news

These ingredients we should no longer use in any formula (1/2) - 2018 Version pro

With restrictive regulations under way and media controversies on cosmetics safety, the list of threatened or disparaged ingredients keeps getting longer. Brands can only take this into account, so they all have their own internal ‘Black List’. And here is CosmeticOBS’s list, considering the latest adopted regulations, the most ...

Sanoflore's garden
25 July 2018 Cosmetics news

Let’s have a walk in the… Sanoflore gardens!

The canonical organic cosmetics brand opens the doors of their botanical garden nestled in the French Vercors region. Sanoflore invites nature lovers to come and stroll along its paths, discover unknown plant species, and also learn a little more about the brand.

24 July 2018 Cosmetics news

Distorted images are a source of anxiety for women

The cosmetic brand Dove is well known for its commitment in favour of ‘real beauty’, to only portraying what is real, true and accurate for women and beauty, and to never present the unachievable, manipulated, flawless images of ‘perfect’ beauty, which the use of retouching tools can promote. The brand ...

23 July 2018 Cosmetics news

ANSM gives some advice about how to choose your sunscreen

Just like every year, during summer holidays, ANSM (French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety) publishes recommendations for risk-free sun exposures. After releasing instructions to make it easier for you to choose your sunscreen, this year, the Agency drafted a technical sheet to select the right product according ...

18 July 2018 Cosmetics news

New levers of influence for consumers

The digital revolution has been on a roll for a while, and information channels have changed. Everything can now be done in one click, and the cosmetics industry is increasingly dealing with particular buyers who get informed before spending their money and no longer believe anything they are told. The ...

17 July 2018 Cosmetics news

French HCSP recommends protecting workers and residents from TiO2 nanoparticles pro

The French Ministries of Health, Labour, and Ecological and Inclusive Transition had requested the HCSP (French Public Health Council) on July 4, 2017 to come up with management measures for protecting workers and residents on production and transformation sites from nano titanium dioxide, these particles manufactured with at least one dimension smaller ...

connected people
16 July 2018 Cosmetics news

Fight against digital pollution: the cosmetics industry is in!

Tablets, smartphones, computers… all these objects seem to be vital for us now. As they became an integral part of our daily lives, they revolutionized our relationship with the ecosystem we live in. But if they are useful in many aspects, they can also be harmful for health. At a ...

04 July 2018 Cosmetics news

Which care program for our hands?

In summer and winter alike, everyday, they have a hard time. Maltreated, out of necessity as well as due to our lack of attention for them, our hands let us know they are in bad condition through dryness, scales and other discomforts. What about giving them a welcome relief using ...

UEBT'S logo
27 June 2018 Cosmetics news

The 2018 UEBT Biodiversity Barometer

For the 10th year in a row, UEBT have revealed their Biodiversity Barometer. This project is aimed to evaluate the knowledge and interest of consumers all around the world in ethical ingredient sourcing. Over the past decade, 64,000 people were surveyed. UEBT unveiled the results of the 2018 edition at a congress ...

Cosmecert's logo
20 June 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmecert in practice pro

After several years of work, Cosmébio has just launched an inspection and certification body, Cosmecert. Cosmébio’s Director Nicolas Bertrand introduced it at the association’s General Assembly held in Paris on June 5, 2018.

hairy man
18 June 2018 Cosmetics news

Do you speak hairy?

Anyone will have noticed that men increasingly sport their hairs on their faces (facial hair is still not on a roll among women…). More than a fashionable phenomenon, the beard tells more than we think about those who wear it. The Bic Shave Club and Opinion Way took interest in ...

FEBEA'S logo
13 June 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics & safety: FEBEA intends to reassure consumers

The climate of distrust towards cosmetics and the industry is getting heavier and heavier. And for good reason: consumers no longer know who to believe, given all the health scandals relayed by the consumer press. As a result, FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) launched a campaign focused on cosmetic ...