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May 23, 2019 | Cosmetics news

Laboté, in harmony with essential oils

For the past two years, the cosmetics brand Laboté has been offering personalized, up-to-the-minute facial skincare products. Lucille Battail, founder of the brand, has just released her first body product: a nourishing oil enriched with a bouquet of essential oils.

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ERI 360° Label
12 June 2018 Cosmetics news

ERI 360°: a label for eco-responsible ingredients pro

The “green revolution of the extraction industry has led in the past few years to a technological shift towards eco-extraction, which should include the societal responsibility of businesses in the process. It is from this observation that the ERI 360° Label, for Eco Responsible Ingredient, is born.

Beauty day's logo
12 June 2018 Cosmetics news

CEW to hold 2nd annual ‘Beauty Day’

After a sellout last year, CEW continues the adventure to offer the industry’s professionals a whole day of conferences and round tables. Designed as a ‘beauty break’, the event will be held in Paris next July 4, 2018.

Cosmebio 2018-2019 Trophee Logo
11 June 2018 Cosmetics news

The 6 winners of the Cosmébio Trophées de l’Excellence

Just like every year, the professional association of ecological and organic cosmetics awarded its Trophies of Excellence. The ceremony was organized at Cosmébio’s General Assembly held in Paris last June 7, 2018.

UEBT & BSR 2018 Logos
29 May 2018 Cosmetics news

UEBT Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference on 19-20 June 2018 in Paris pro

How we grow, collect and use nature has profound implications for our living planet. For ten years, UEBT has been working with companies to commit to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity. This 19-20 June in Paris, companies from the beauty, food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors will be coming together for ...

RIVM Alert - Claire's Products Containing Asbestos
14 May 2018 Cosmetics news

RIVM advises on health risks after using make-up with asbestos pro

RIVM was asked to give advice to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate in the Netherlands after asbestos was found in two make-up products. During the use of these products, the estimated number of asbestos fibres in the air is unacceptably high. The risk of asbestos-related diseases for children who ...

CosmeticDays 2018 Poster
09 May 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetic Days 2018: a two-day congress dedicated to essential oils pro

For its fourth edition, the scientific, technical and regulatory congress CosmeticDays, organized by par Cosmed, is devoted to essential oils in cosmetics, medical devices, biocides and aromatherapy. On the agenda: 22 conferences and an exhibition hall for SMEs, start-ups, public research laboratories and large companies to present their expertise and their ...

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference Poster
02 May 2018 Cosmetics news

The 6th Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference to be held in London in June pro

The Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference, organized by Summit Events, is a global forum exploring the science, technology and future of the anti-ageing sector. This 2-day international meeting is established as a high-level forum for in-depth presentations and discussions on the scientific, regulatory and marketing issues affecting this highly relevant and rapidly ...

faded flowers and rotting fruit teeming with earthworms
30 April 2018 Cosmetics news

There is only a spray between organic waste and luxurious perfume

What if waste, which is usually little inviting, was offered a new life? État Libre d’Orange and advertising agency Ogilvy Paris actually banked on this idea, as they announced the release of a perfume derived from perfumery residues and garbage in autumn 2018.

Anses Logo
16 April 2018 Cosmetics news

ANSES launches a database of more than 500 toxicity reference values pro

Anses just launched a database it has developed that contains around 500 TRVs (toxicity reference values), some of them being used in cosmetics, aimed to be used by the various players involved in risk governance: companies, public expert appraisal bodies and authorities tasked with risk management. These TRVs are also available via ...

Institut Scientis and LMIS Logos
02 April 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics and Epigenetics: deciphering the genetic dream, between regulations and marketing pro

Cosmetics formulation requires being familiar with regulations, but also with most diverse disciplines including Biology, Physiology, Galenics, Toxicology, Physico-chemistry, Microbiology… and today, there is something missing in this list: genetics! Here are a few explanations with Corinne Benoliel, of Institut Scientis and LMIS, and Jean-Christophe Choulot, of the Ales Group ...

FEBEA's White Book Cover
21 March 2018 Cosmetics news

Circular economy and cosmetics: FEBEA publishes a list of good practices

Today, environmental preservation is a fundamental issue for all industries, including cosmetics. As regards the planet’s wellness, brands need to play the game and constantly rethink their production mode to preserve natural resources. FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies) has just published the first White Paper on this issue ...

RQC's logo
20 March 2018 Cosmetics news

2nd annual Rencontres de la Qualité Cosmétique pro

For the second year in a row, training expert IFIS and FEBEA, the French Federation of Beauty Companies, are organizing the Rencontres de la Qualité Cosmétique: two days of conferences and discussions on Good Manufacturing Practices, with a view to provide explanations about regulatory expectations for their operational application. The ...

Winners of U'Cosmetics 2018
19 March 2018 Cosmetics news

2018 U'Cosmetics competition: prizewinners

On March 15, the jury of the U’Cosmetics competition, which was dedicated to up-cycling this year, attributed their awards to the teams that presented the most interesting projects in two categories: Innovative Concept and Formulation. Beware, they may be the cosmetics we will all use tomorrow! And the winners are…

13 March 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference: registration is open pro

The Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference 2018 will take place in Brussels on June 13-14. Under this year’s theme 'Essentials for daily life', CEAC 2018 will feature both panel discussions and numerous parallel sessions. The programme is dedicated to exploring general, technical and regulatory developments in the cosmetics industry. Early bird discounts will be available ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
07 March 2018 Cosmetics news

Focus on Japan with Business France pro

Business France organizes a Cosmetic Workshop dedicated to Japan on Tuesday, March 20th. This informative seminar will be focused on the Japanese market and regulatory framework and will help participating companies make an update on the conditions for placing cosmetic products on the market in this country. You still have a ...

07 March 2018 Cosmetics news

Packitoo: the app that revolutionizes the search for packaging manufacturers

Brands know it better than anyone: it can be a long, hard battle to design packaging. Indeed, it is not always that simple to find the right service provider, because of the complexity of the packaging world. As all business segments initiated their own digital transition, players still lacked a ...

28 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Hemp in cosmetics

When you hear the name of this plant, you do not necessarily associate it with the beauty industry. And yet, hemp and other varieties in the same family actually have significant cosmetics virtues. We met Laure Bouguen, founder of the Ho Karan brand (based on hemp oil) and an activist ...

28 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

U’Cosmetics 2018 competition: the 10 finalist teams

U’Cosmetics was created nine years ago as an event combining a student competition and a professional colloquium focused on cosmetics innovation. This national formulation competition aims to introduce new talents to cosmetics professionals both from small businesses and major groups. Here are the ten competing projects – the winners will ...

27 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

B.I.O. N'Days discovers Generation Organic pro

What consumers will represent Generations Z and Alpha tomorrow? How important will organic products be for people aged 18-24 in 2030? To answer these questions, Cluster Bio and Cluster Nova Child conducted a survey all across France. The results will be presented at the 5th annual B.I.O. N’Days. This global event ...

21 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Silab presents Neurofense®, a natural neuro-soothing active ingredient pro

Neurofense®, developed by Silab laboratory, is a an overall natural neuro-soothing active ingredient, derived from the roots of red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza) which enables Caucasian and Asian sensitive skin exposed to cold and pollution to recover comfort and protection by targeting the three biological components of skin sensitivity. Here is ...

21 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Aptar Beauty + Home presents the sample "total expérience" pro

Why distribute a simple sample when you can offer your future customers a total experience through an object that revolutionises the concept of try before you buy? This is the challenge that Aptar Beauty + Home met for Yves Saint Laurent, creating a miniature version of its Touche Eclat Cushion foundation ...

19 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

wesource: the new Seppic brand dedicated to actives pro

Seppic have just announced the creation of wesource, a dedicated brand to gather all its cosmetics actives from plant-based chemistry, marine biotechnologies and botanical extraction. With this brand, Seppic aims to give its customers a better understanding and consistency of its active ingredients portfolio.

19 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Eyeliners for dummies

Sporting an elegant black – or coloured! – line on the upper lid is one of the makeup fundamentals to absolutely manage. This classic technique embellishes the gaze day or night, and it is never too much. The only drawback is that tracing a perfect, straight line to get the prettiest comma ...

15 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

French cosmetics still world leader

2017 marks a new record for French cosmetics, whose exports exceed 13 billion euros (+12% compared to 2016). The cosmetics industry is therefore still experiencing strong growth and remains one of France's export drivers. The sector thus confirmed its dynamism with a positive trade balance of 10.5 billion euros, which increased by nearly 14%.

14 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Dark spots: when your hands betray your age

There is no doubt that for many of us, getting older without the visible signs of skin aging is the ultimate dream. If the cosmetics industry proves doubly ingenious to offer face care products, the other body parts are often overlooked, in particular the back of the hands, although they ...

13 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics market and trends in the United Arab Emirates

Everyone knows the cosmetics industry is one of the most flourishing in the world. However, trends and consumers’ desires vary from one country to another. At the Cosmed International Congress organized on June 9, 2017, Business France provided an overview of the cosmetics landscape in different regions of the world ...

13 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

International COSMED 2018 Meetings pro

Every year, COSMED organizes, in partnership with Business France, a day devoted to the international regulations of cosmetic products. This year's theme: What regulatory obstacles to a"cosmetic product world"? These meetings are aimed at all professionals in the cosmetics industry who wish to keep abreast of recent changes ...

13 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

COSMED 2018 Regulatory Meetings pro

Each year, COSMED organizes a day devoted to the French and European regulations of cosmetic products. These Regulatory Meetings allow all professionals in the sector to be informed on the latest regulatory news in the cosmetics sector, to exchange with regulatory authorities and experts. They will take place this year ...

12 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

U'Cosmetics 2018: see you on March 15 in Guingamp!

On Thursday 15 March 2018 in Guingamp, U'Cosmetics, a student competition and professional conference, invites you to come and discover the world of up-cycling: this trend which consists in recycling by-products, unused biomass, co-products… The day is organized around seven conferences and will end with the student competition awards.

12 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Women now aiming for toned rather than thin as ideal body shape suggests study

Beauty standards have changed over recent years according to new research, with women now preferring a slim but muscular figure over simply being thin.

vadimguzhva /
08 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Study links acne with increased risk of depression

07 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

To baldly grow: Japan scientists regrow hair at record rate

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
07 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

The future of cyclomethicones (or ‘the extinction of dinosaurs’) pro

‘CosmeticOBS did me the honour of asking what I thought about the future of cyclomethicones. Well, in my humble opinion, there is none.’ Dr Frédéric Lebreux, General Manager of Biorius (specialized in regulatory consulting and supporting cosmetics companies), gave us explanations on the decline of a family of cosmetics ingredients ...

07 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Valentine’s Day without Valentine: a three-step guide

It is the same old story every year: as soon as February shows up, all stores get adorned with heart-shaped decorations to announce the arrival of Valentine’s Day. If celebrating love is indeed a charming concept as such, not everyone appreciates it that much. This year, rather than looking ...

06 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Cosmetics market and trends in Japan

Everyone knows the cosmetics industry is one of the most flourishing in the world. However, trends and consumers’ desires vary from one country to another. At the Cosmed International Congress 2017, Business France provided an overview of the cosmetics landscape in different regions of the world. This third part takes you ...

06 Feb. 2018 Cosmetics news

Nanomaterials and cosmetics: a Technical Day organised by LNE

Improving the properties of cosmetic products, optimizing manufacturing processes or even obtaining packaging with advanced properties, the unique properties of nanomaterials offer many possibilities. But the media context, regulatory instability, the potential risks associated with some of these substances and the difficulties of reliable characterization are all obstacles to the ...

31 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

Makeup for all

The first ‘unisex’ makeup range was released on December 18, 2017. Available online, Jecca offers products for everyone, including the LGBT community, still too little often targeted by the cosmetics industry.

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28 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

Microbeads: the beginning of the end

The future of the use of microbeads in the cosmetics industry seems to be clear now. Product manufacturers should be ready to stop making formulas containing plastic microbeads: in France, the prohibition of placing on the market ‘rinse-off exfoliating or cleansing cosmetic products containing solid plastic particles’ came into force ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
25 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

Undeclared nanos: many non-conformities pro

It is to verify the legal compliance with the mandatory labelling declaration for the nanomaterials contained in consumer goods that UFC-Que Choisir had 16 food and cosmetic products analyzed by a laboratory. Here is the result, according to the French consumer association: 8 products analyzed out of 10 do not mention the presence of nanoparticles ...

24 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

Skin diagnosis: new beauty snobbery

The era of compulsive cosmetics consumption is over. In parallel to the customizable cosmetics trend, another concept is emerging as fast as ever: skin diagnosis. Ideal to determine your skin profile, it is becoming more and more democratic. Here is a short overview of the different tools available to screen ...

22 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

Please conceal these unsightly pores!

Blocked, dilated, or visible pores are a recurring issue for a great part of the population. The appearance of pores is a real skin problem: it is public enemy no. 1 for many of us. As a matter of fact, the cosmetics industry keeps developing new products to try and conceal ...

Neutrogena / Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
17 Jan. 2018 Cosmetics news

The high-tech skincare solutions set to shake up the industry

Technology is changing our lives - and our beauty routines. If the latest innovations from the cosmetics industry are anything to go by, skincare is in for a major, high-tech overhaul in 2018. Here are some of the concepts that have already made headlines.