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International news: Chemical ingredients of cosmetic products exempted from customs duties in Ivory Coast

Actualités à l'international : Des ingrédients chimiques de produits cosmétiques exemptés de droits de douane en Côte d’ivoire

As part of its partnership with CosmeticOBS, Business France announces that the majority of chemical ingredients in cosmetic products are exempt from customs duties on entry into Ivory Coast since 9 December 2019.

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The implementation of the first phase of tariff dismantling of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Ivory Coast and the European Union has been effective since 9 December 2019. This reciprocal free trade agreement, which was concluded in 2008 and entered into force in 2018, provides for a five-phase tariff liberalization schedule over the period 2019-2029, based on the principle of immediate and non-phased elimination of rates.
The access offer comprises 6128 tariff lines, 88% of which are to be liberalised over 10 years (divided into categories A, B and C according to the degree of processing, in particular) and 730 excluded products (“category D” not liberalised).

The first phase of tariff dismantling covers 1,115 tariff lines of the ECOWAS Common External Tariff (CET) applied in Ivory Coast, available on the website of the Ivorian Customs Directorate General.
The products covered by these lines, identified and recognised as originating in the European Union, shall be exempt from customs duties when imported into Côte d’Ivoire for home use. In return, the Agreement guarantees Ivorian exports, including cocoa, bananas and canned tuna, duty-free access to the European Union market.

At this stage, inorganic and organic chemical ingredients that can be used in …

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