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The skin diagnosis is still popular!

Diagnostic de peau

As we know, the trend is not new, but it continues to be emulated on the beauty planet. Today, nobody can still composes the beauty routine at random, it is the nature of the skin that dictates it. Here are two different methods to carry out an analysis of your skin problem

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Determining the profile of the epidermis is a must in terms of beauty. Both trendy and playful, skin diagnosis offers the significant advantage of knowing its strengths and weaknesses and therefore being able to adapt the choice of its cosmetics to suit.
But where and how to achieve it?

At home

Many iconic beauty brands offer online questionnaires. The themes covered are skin comfort, pigment spots, wrinkles and matte skin.
Of course, these forms are a first step towards the discovery of its specific skin characteristics. Unfortunately, they have their limits.
Indeed, it is hard to be a judge and a party. In fact, answering oneself is not necessarily a guarantee of good faith or even (for the most honest) lucidity.
The Australian brand Foréo has thought about this by developing an intelligent cleaning brush that provides a daily skin diagnosis.
The brush is connected to an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Once started, the device (with the help of its sensors) performs the analysis and the results appear on the screen.
In addition, the cleansing programme (duration and intensity) adapts to the skin’s condition, and the data are recorded, making it possible to monitor the state of the skin on a daily basis.

In a specialized centre

In the heart of the Marais there is a parapharmacy unlike any other: the Dermacenter.
This beauty shop belongs to the L’Oréal group and distributes the brands of the group’s “Active Cosmetics” Department. It provides skin diagnostics using a medical imaging machine, the Visia.
Each client is received by a Dermacenter practitioner, trained by the store manager who is a pharmacist.
In itself, the analysis via Visia is very fast, just put your face in the machine (a place is provided for this purpose) and wait until a few shots are taken. Then, the results are interpreted.
Visia is able to detect bacterial activity, pore condition, redness, skin thickness, pigmentation spots, wrinkles and the skin’s solar capital.

After this in-depth visit, the Dermacenter expert screens each customer’s cosmetic routine. The goal? To better understand the results revealed by the Visia and to rectify the situation if necessary.
A prescription is issued following the appointment with a new protocol to follow, either with products that you have at home and that are suitable for your skin, or with cosmetics sold at the Dermacenter. Practitioners do not force any purchases and encourage clients to complete their “drawer bottoms”.
In addition, each practitioner takes the time to popularize and analyze the shaded areas.
So there is a real effort of education and awareness that is being done, it is quite pleasant. The Dermacenter then proposes a new appointment three months later to monitor the skin’s condition and see if it is improving.
Good to know, the analysis is free, by appointment and without obligation to purchase.

But in the end, what are these solutions worth in the long term? Do they really improve skin condition?
We’ll meet in three months to take stock and see if the Foréo brush and the Visia analysis have had the desired effect.
To be continued….

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