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Silab presents Neurofense®, a natural neuro-soothing active ingredient


Neurofense®, developed by Silab laboratory, is a an overall natural neuro-soothing active ingredient, derived from the roots of red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza) which enables Caucasian and Asian sensitive skin exposed to cold and pollution to recover comfort and protection by targeting the three biological components of skin sensitivity. Here is its presentation.

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Presentation by Silab

Every day, external stimuli, such as climate and pollution, cause excessive reactions in sensitive skin. Hyper-reactive, weakened skin is severely put to the test, causing stinging sensations, redness, burning and tightness.

Act on neuronal sensitivity

To relieve sensitive skin, Silab presents Neurofense®, a natural active ingredient targeting the three biological components of skin sensitivity. As a result, Neurofense®:
• limits the hyper-reactivity of sensory nerve fibers of the skin [Tested at 0.25%, Neurofense® significantly inhibits the activation of TRPV1 receptors (Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1) (-115%)];
• restores the quality of the skin barrier and thus limits the appearance of sensations of tightness, irritation and discomfort;
• controls the phenomenon of chronic inflammation that causes itching and redness in sensitive skin [Tested at 0.05%, Neurofense® significantly inhibits the secretion of PGE2 by keratinocytes by 95% following treatment with particulate matter. Tested at 0.25% on reconstructed epidermis Silabskin® RE subjected to a pollutant stress, it also significantly reduces the synthesis of COX-2 by 34%.].

Soothe multiethnic sensitive skin

Tested at 2.5% on in vivo original models, Neurofense® significantly improves the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin to climatic stress (cold) on the face (+7.5%) and hands (+15.5%). Neurofense® also …

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