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Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress 2020: FEBEA's Q&A - Ingredients chapter

Congrès Parfums & Cosmétiques 2020 : le Q/R de la FEBEA - Volet Ingrédients

As every year, at the closing of the Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress of the Cosmetic Valley which was held in digital on November 4 and 5, 2020, the entire FEBEA team answered with great enthusiasm the questions prepared by the delegates during the two days of conferences. A session dominated by the difficulties of managing nanomaterials, but also by the fate of substances in the hot seat, such as CMRs, endocrine disruptors or microplastics.

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They answered questions from delegates
• Françoise Audebert, Scientific and Regulatory Advisor
• Catherine Bramaud, Scientific and Regulatory Advisor
• Laure Menanteau, Scientific and Regulatory Advisor
• Carlota Vicente, Environmental Affairs Officer
• Xavier Gueant, Director of Legal Affairs
• Hélène Orliac, Director of Economic, Environmental and International Affairs

Question – Ingredients – Nanos

How to label a Silica type raw material declared non-nano from the Cosmetics Regulation, but nano from the French point of view? Nano or non-nano?

Catherine Bramaud’s answer
If a substance is considered as a nano at the French level, it is because it has been the subject of an R-nano declaration. But for labelling, the status of the raw material with regard to the Cosmetics Regulation must be taken into account. Therefore, if all the elements that justify the nano status according to the Cosmetics Regulation are conclusive and allow us to consider that it is not a nanomaterial according to the Regulation, it should not be labelled nano.

Question – Ingredients – Nanos

Does a silica present in toothpastes have to be declared as nano?

Catherine Bramaud’s answer
In fact, as with any ingredient, a case-by-case assessment must be made of each grade of …

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