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Active ingredients: the right amount

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When the label points out a specific active ingredient and its action (inevitably positive, if it is claimed!), better to see it in the top three or four ingredients in the list of ingredients … a piece of evidence it is in an amount enough to have the efficiency that is claimed.

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Just a reminder: in the list of ingredients , ingredients are detailed in descending order as per their percentage. Therefore, the top ingredient in the list is the one with the highest percentage in the product. The second is in a lower percentage, the third on, even lower, etc. Keep in mind that, very often, the three or four first ingredients comprise between 80 and 90% of the finished product, the following ones being at ca 1% … or even less.

Therefore, what to think of an anti-ageing product "with Argan oil", the anti-ageing qualities of the Argan oil being positively described on the label, when this so precious ingredient is only nbr 12 or nbr 13 in the list of ingredients ? Or when it is in a far smaller amount than another oil, far less prestigious … and far cheaper, such as a mineral oil or a common Sunflower oil?

Right, the sales point that enhances the qualities of the Argan oil is not strictly speaking a false assertion if this ingredient is in the product. Nevertheless, what about its reliability?

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