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EcoGarantie (EcoGuarantee)


Belgian seal of approval emanating from a regrouping of actors of the biological sector (producers, transformers, distributors, consumers and technical organizations) within the framework of BioForum. Parallel to the BioGuarantee seal which relates only to agricultural produce, ÉcoGarantie can be affixed on every product originating from ingredients that result from organic farming but whose composition rests on a considerable mineral basis, namely cosmetics, cleaning products and sea salt.

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EcoGuarantee’s schedule of conditions is based on the respect of fragile balances among the vegetable, animal and mineral world and their sustainable development - this without ever losing sight of the wishes of consumers and social-economic aspects.

The ingredients and transformation processes must fill a certain number of criteria, in particular the use of vegetable crop and animal products resulting from organic farming, a rigorous selection of minerals, and the rejection of ingredients resulting from the chemical synthesis and petrochemistry.

Additionally, products must have perfect biodeterioration, not be susceptible to accumulation in the human body nor comprise any toxicity for the ganisms.

Irradiation and genetically modified organisms are prohibited.

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Website of Eco Guarantie .

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