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Logo FDI

A logo indicating that the product has received approval by the International Dental Federation (FDI - World Dental Federation).

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Founded in Paris in 1900, affiliated with WHO (the World Health Organization), the FDI comprises more than 190 national dental associations, representing more than a million dental surgeons in the world. It is alloted for the main reason of making progress in and of supporting the ethics, the art, the science and practice of odontology throughout the world such as promoting optimal oral and general health for all.

Used within the framework of partnerships, the seal of FDI does not mean that the product has an effectiveness or is of an interest superior to its competitors. The Federation recommends heir seal be accompanied by a mention of the type: "Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluorinated toothpaste such as [name of the product] contributes to the maintenance of good dental health."

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Website of FDI .

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