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Tuesday, September 15, 2015Market

10 things you didn’t know about the global salon hair care market

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A recent study from Kline confirms that the global market for professional hair care products is growing steadily at almost 3%. Agnieszka Saintemarie, Project Manager for the consulting and research firm looks at some interesting and lesser known facts about this market.

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 1. The Swiss city of Bern could be considered as the hairdressing capital of the world, counting approximately 3.3 salons per 1,000 inhabitants. Kline's research revealed the Swiss market is of USD 150 million and an important contributor to the European salon hair care market size.

 2. The Chinese market is highly fragmented. With the leading brand accounting for less than 6% of overall market sales, China is by far the most fragmented market analysed in the Kline's study.

 3. American brands take a different distribution strategy to enter the European market. Many American brands widely present in retail stores in their domestic market position themselves as fully professional brands in Europe. Boston-based Livingproof is an example of such a new entrant.

 4. German entrepreneurs find a way to keep hair salons open during weekends. Tank&Cut are quick service hair salons located at gas stations. Registering their activity under non-stop service of gas stations allows these salons to stay open after regular business hours and during weekends.

 5. Cysteine-based hair straightening is a top trend in India. Originating from Brazil, the same country as Keratin straightening, Cysteine straightening is supposed to be a safer way to get rid of curls …

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