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Children and health drive organic cosmetic market

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With wariness of the safety of ingredients in consumer products on the rise across most categories, it seems the use of natural and organic personal care (NOPC) products are gaining in popularity, with parents leading the way. New research from Mintel in the US reveals that over one third of consumers agree that they were buying more NOPC products in 2016 than the year prior, including 34 percent of parents with children under 18 in the household.

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Parents are more likely to purchase personal care products that are natural or organic than non-parents, including hand and body lotion (53% parents vs 34% non-parents), facial skincare (51% parents vs 32% non-parents), haircare (50% parents vs 34% non-parents) and body cleansing products (48% parents vs 34% non-parents).

‘Parents are information seekers when it comes to raising their kids and, therefore, could be more aware of ingredients to avoid in their children’s personal care products, as well as their own. This presents an opportunity for natural and organic personal care brands to target parents, as they should incentivize them to purchase both adult- and child-specific products,’ said Jana Vyleta, Health and Personal Care Analyst at Mintel.

NOPC goes with a healthier lifestyle

It seems trends toward health and wellness aren’t just limited to diet and exercise as nearly seven in 10 (67%) NOPC consumers in the US agree they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, compared to just over half (54%) of non-users. NOPC products could align with these ambitions as the most common reason for purchase is because NOPC consumers consider them safer than mainstream products (49%) and of higher quality (49%). Over two in five (42%) NOPC …

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