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Christmas 2015: skincare products under the tree


The NPD Group, one of the world leaders in market research, is looking at the new growth of the holiday skincare market. The good scores posted since the beginning of the year suggested a flourishing Christmas for the category. The treatments of the major prestige brands seem to have found their place under the 2015 tree, alongside the essential perfumes and make-up products.

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The keys to an announced success

And if the care brought a little softness in a morose conjuncture? Happiness would be in these products that stand out from perfume and make-up, by surfing both on the notion of pleasure and that of useful gift. Indeed, taking care of others and oneself is a pious wish which is reinforced at the arrival of the Holidays: 12% of the annual turnover of the market is realized over the month of December. This trend in well-being has been felt since the beginning of 2015: in a still difficult economic context, skincare is the most efficient selective category, with growth of 1% in value (YTD at the end of November 2015), representing total sales of €461 million and an additional €4.5 million compared to 2014. A good performance, while the total selective market declined to 0.7% (perfumes to -1.5% and make-up to +0.7%) over the same period. In addition to the sensory aspect, skincare products have a certain economic appeal, with an average price of €50 (€49.95) compared to €59.14 for a perfume (YTD data at the end of November 2015). A strategic positioning supported by small packaging (less than 30 ml) at the start of the range, which gives access to the major prestige brands at moderate prices. Mathilde Lion, Beauty Expert Europe at The NPD Group comments : December has always been the most important month for care, because it has the particularity of playing on the register of gift buying, both complicit and prescriber, especially women towards men, and on that of buying pleasure that one offers oneself. However, it is interesting to underline that the beautiful results 2015 of the category will allow to impose the care as a product that counts on the period. Of course, we are still far from the weight represented by perfume purchases at Christmas (26% of annual sales in December alone) but with 12% of purchases made in December for this category, we can see that the idea of Christmas gift care is gaining ground. ”. In conclusion, offering an anti-aging cream to his mother-in-law is not taken for a provocation this year, but well and truly for a proof of good taste! The end of a taboo partly due to a renewed communication which saw the appearance of a new semantic marketing. A positive and joyful air is now blowing over the category thanks to the success of products that highlight"radiance","radiance","beautiful skins" or"radiant skins" that are"magnified" under the effect of care. An uncomplicated and bewitching vocabulary, behind which are displayed other benefits than the classic anti-aging.

The"care gift" hit parade

What are the favourite products for Christmas and New Year? - The boxes: December alone represents 20% of the annual sales of care sets (€7.9 million in December 2014, 164,000 units sold). Between September and November 2015, the three most popular boxes sold in Clarins units are Clarins references: Christmas Glow Boxes (30 ml cream + 30 ml gel + 30 ml lotion), Eau Dynamisante (100 ml bottle + body milk + shower gel) and Multi-Regenerating (50 ml cream + two products in the range). - The men's care: they weigh 7% of total skincare in December, almost twice as much as their weight over the rest of the year (4%). - And for women: the major categories of anti-ageing, moisturizers and body care are also very popular at Christmas and represent more than 2/3 of skincare sales in December.

Mathilde Lion, Beauty Expert Europe at The NPD Group underlines We can also expect the success at the end of this year of smaller segments that have aroused consumer interest since early 2015, such as targeted eye or lip care, hair care and products related to this new trend around beautiful, healthy and flawless skin such as cleansing brushes, lotions and toners, or masks that recently enjoy a major buzz on the net and in stores around the trend of multi-masking, consisting in applying different care for each area with targeted benefits ”. Top 5 care lines (in alphabetical order) in YTD value
- Clarins M-I High Requirement - Clarins Multi Regenerant - Dior Capture Total - Lauder Adv Night Repair - Sisley Sisleya

Source: The NPD Group, November 2015

And across borders?

We are witnessing a beautiful revival of skincare at the dawn of Christmas, which is spreading beyond our borders: the category is also growing for prestige brands +2% in Italy and +3% in Spain and the United Kingdom (YTD values at the end of November 2015). And skincare in France still has a lot of growth potential at Christmas, the category still accounted for only 13% of selective sales (perfumes + skincare + make-up) in December 2014  in France against 26% in Italy and Spain, and 16% in the United Kingdom. Source The NPD Group

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