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Dove is fighting filters on social networks

Dove fait la chasse aux filtres sur les réseaux sociaux

A fervent activist of the “body positive” movement, the flagship brand of the Unilever group fights against the diktats of beauty and advocates ever more inclusive standards. During a press conference on April 20, Dove presented its new campaign, Beauty without Filters. The cosmetic brand is attacking this time the filters that we use on social networks and that depreciate the image we have of ourselves.

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It’s a new “punchy” commercial that Dove unveiled. We see a teenager modify a selfie she has just taken. After some filters and retouching, the result is the opposite of the physicality of the girl. The campaign highlights the distortion with the reality that exists on the networks, but also the lack of esteem felt by the protagonist only 12 years old … and by many others.

Today, putting yourself on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat is commonplace, especially among Generation X. All these platforms allow you to apply filters on the photos and videos you post. Some are used to dress up as a cat or a potato, while others offer the possibility to erase dark circles, smooth the skin texture, erase imperfections. And it’s precisely this category that Dove attacks in its latest campaign.

Overwhelming figures

According to the brand, half of the young girls living on this planet do not have confidence in themselves. When they feel bad about themselves:
• 80% of them refuse to see those around them (friends and family)
• 70% of them will not dare to speak up
• 70% of them put their health at risk.
And social networks, as convenient and entertaining …

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