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Eye make-up will continue to favour neutral colours

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Eye make-up brands will continue to favour neutral colours but there is space for bolder colours as new digital tools enable consumers to experiment with new colours and looks. An analysis by Emmanuelle Moeglin (Mintel) for CosmeticOBS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques.

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Bullet points

 1. Neutral colours in eye make-up are favoured although a small proportion of consumers are confident with trying bold colours
 2. Seasonality accounts for over a third of 2014 eye shadow launches, but palettes are based on subtle colours
 3. Preferences vary by age, suggesting room for eye make-up collections targeting different age groups

Women favour a natural make-up look

Make-up wearers in the UK tend to favour a natural look when using lip, eye and nail make-up. The trend for nude tones and colours evolves towards the “no make-up” trend, with more subtle and “naked” colours than ever before. Women want to achieve an effortless yet impeccable look, which explains why they are rather unadventurous when experimenting with colours.

Only 14% of women in the UK say they are confident experimenting with bold and bright looks and while the youngest women are the most experimental with colours (22% of under-25s), it decreases with age to 7% for the 65+ age group.

UK, top 5 colours for lip, eye and nail colour, May 2014

Lèvres % Yeux % Ongles %
Rose pâle  47 Noir  52 Mauve  48
Nude/Beige  36 Nude/Beige  44 Rose pâle  45
Rouge foncé  31 Gris/Argent …

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