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Gems in the market for professional skin care products

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In 2013, the global professional skin care market performed at its best, posting moderate growth to reach almost $6 billion. Findings from a Kline's recently published market analysis, reveal that among the reasons behind this growth are solid gains in four emerging markets representing gems of opportunities for beauty marketers – Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, and Russia.

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An improved level of treatment services and equipment used by skin care professionals, as well as rising disposable income, leads to consumers flocking to the professional sector for treatment of their skin care concerns.

Estimated at nearly $100 million each and posting double-digit gains in 2013, Indonesia and Thailand are among the exciting countries for professional skin care companies to evaluate.
Within Europe, Poland is one of the fastest growing markets driven by a significantly improved quality of service offered by professional outlets. Russia is another market witnessing strong growth over the past several years.

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Finding the gems in the global market for professional skin care products , Kline blog, July 31, 2014.

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