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Hair perfume will drive occasion usage in both fragrance and haircare

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Hair perfumes are emerging as a new scented format with appeal to both fragrance and haircare users, but positioning the product as haircare fragrance rather than hair perfume will be key. An analysis by Emmanuelle Moeglin (Mintel) for CosmeticOBS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques.

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Bullet points

 1. Consumers are losing interest in fragrance; reinventing perfume routines with new scented formats will appeal
 2. Both fragrance and haircare users are interested in hair perfumes…
 3. …allowing brands to tap into both audiences and increase occasion usage

Hair perfumes appeal to fragrance users…

The fragrance industry needs to reinvent itself and new scented formats offer some interesting opportunities to be creative and innovative. Developing new formats and new ways to apply perfume will attract a significant proportion of consumers who are losing interest in the traditional scented offering and are looking for new scented experiences.

In Spain, 28% of women think that fragrances do not last long enough on them, and it represents a quarter of German women. Similarly, 25% of French female fragrance users and 29% of Spanish ones are overwhelmed by all the different fragrances that are currently available.

Both fragrance and haircare users show significant interest in hair perfumes, particularly younger people. Indeed, as many as 28% of Italian and 29% of Spanish fragrance users aged 16-24 are interested in hair perfumes.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain, 2004
Interest in perfume for hair, by age

% users






 25 …

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