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Wednesday, June 23, 2021Market

Léa Nature is heading for bulk sales

Léa Nature met le cap sur le vrac

All cosmetics professionals are making the transition to bulk sales. This is the case of the Léa Nature group, which is experimenting with a shower gel and shampoo bar, allowing consumers to fill their containers themselves. The concept will later be extended internationally.

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“For two years, a dedicated team has been developing in-house prototypes of custom-made distribution furniture, which have just been tested for six months in two local pilot stores/partners: Hyper U Beaulieu, located in Puilboreau, a town near La Rochelle, and Intermarché Rochefort”, explains Léa Nature. “This bulk unit involves both the manufacturer in the design, and the distributor in the monitoring, and finally engages consumers to serve themselves independently and especially in full ecological awareness. This furniture must be practical and respectful of health standards. And it is up to the consumer to adopt this new habit, just as he has perfectly acquired it for the bulk food which does not cease increasing.”

The consumer buys, once, a reusable can. The consumer buys a reusable container once, in three sizes (small, large, medium) and helps himself directly in the store. The cleaning of the bottle is his responsibility.

With So’Bio, Léa Nature begins its conquest of the refill. Four shower gels and two best-selling shampoos of the brand will be offered in store.

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