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Men’s grooming routines extend to their eyebrows

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As men are paying more attention to their appearance, they are more interested in cosmetic products and services to help them achieve nicely shaped, tidy but natural-looking eyebrows. An analysis by Emmanuelle Moeglin (Mintel) for CosmeticOBS-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques.

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Bullet points

 1. While half of UK women shape their eyebrows, only a quarter of men do so
 2. Eyebrow make-up for women has enjoyed stellar growth in recent years
 3. Pressure coming from women and the importance of looking their best will push more men to turn towards hair removal solutions for their face

A quarter of UK men groom their eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping for men has the potential to grow as an increasing proportion of men want to achieve a tidy, yet natural and masculine eye look. Eyebrow shaping for women is a staple in the beauty industry, and achieving well-defined features is also appealing to men.

However, while the eyebrow grooming trend for women ranges from brow make-up to full salon brow treatments, the men’s eyebrow offer is more basic but has room to develop.

According to Mintel’s report Colour Cosmetics – UK, July 2014 , a quarter of UK men (and half of women) remove hair from their eyebrows. This is particularly true of men aged 35-54, whereas the highest proportion of women removing hair from their eyebrows concentrates around those aged 16-34.

UK, eyebrow hair removal, by age within gender, June 2014

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Men …

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