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Peclers Paris: the beauty trends for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018


Peclers Paris, a trends, style, and innovation consulting agency specialized in fashion, cosmetics, packaging, perfume, and decoration, publishes seasonal and cross-disciplinary beauty books to cover the various sectors of the cosmetics business. The last one presents the major beauty and cosmetics trends for the Fall/Winter season 2017-2018.

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Explorer, Dark Romance, Radical Clash, Glamcore and Girly Fantasy are the names of the five trends revealed by Peclers Paris in his beauty Beauty for the Fall-Winter season 2017-2018.

Under the influence of these varied interactions, this season is particularly rich and assertive.

Briefly, the consulting agency introduced the following:

In a culturally and economically strained world, meeting up, sharing and working together are driving innovation in many fields and are now waking up the world of beauty. Collaborative projects linking nature and technology remain strong: opening up ,new fields of innovation.

Dark Romance
After promoting happiness, one now prefers to yield to emotions. At the intersection of dark influences, melancholy, romanticism and nostalgia converge in this equivocal pleasure quest.

Radical Clash
To capture attention, brands are reaching out to artisans, scientists and artists in collaborative projects that express other sensibilities and challenge their DNA.

Even the notion of preciousness is being redefined by experimental hybrids and associations. Luxury is updating its codes by pairing history and tradition with modernity and alternative cultures.

Girly Fantasy
Lastly, the aspiration for singularity increasingly relies on provocative, absurd collisions: designed to trigger strong reactions, to leave one’s comfort zone and to …

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