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The anti-pollution care market in India

Le marché des soins antipollution en Inde

The skin is subject to several stress factors that contribute to its alteration. Pollution, UV, blue light, so many elements that attack the epidermis on a daily basis. Today, all countries are concerned by this type of pollution. The Mintel forecasting agency has chosen to focus on India. The objective is to help cosmetics professionals to understand the market, and thus better meet the expectations of consumers.

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The anti-pollution care segment is buoyant in India. But you have to have the right angle of approach.

According to Mintel, a majority of Indians are turning away from sunscreens because of Covid-19. The pandemic has largely democratized teleworking and citizens are going out less.
“But UV exposure is not the only source of pollution and brands should focus on the aggressions that consumers may face at home. It’s time for professionals to go beyond the usual SPF positioning and adopt a more global approach to skin protection,” comments Mintel.

The blue light
It is the new contemporary enemy and the pandemic has allowed it to gain even more ground. Blue light is emitted by computers and cell phones. In addition to having negative effects on sleep, it has deleterious consequences on the skin and accelerates skin aging.

“As India is a hot tropical country where rainfall is limited to the monsoon months, pollution and dust are a permanent problem. This accumulated dust can affect the skin, making it dry and irritated. This can lead to acne flare-ups and rashes in the most severe cases,” Mintel details.

Today, more and more people are looking for products that can protect …

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