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The (good) prospects of the world market for organic cosmetics

Les (belles) perspectives du marché mondial des cosmétiques bio

Organic cosmetics are getting increasingly popular, compelling even most celebrated brands to expand their product lines. Future Market Insights, a market research and consulting firm in its new study identifies the rising demand for clean label certifications, including non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, and others within the cosmetics industry will boost the global organic cosmetics market. Study has forecast it to reach US$ 187.4 Mn by 2021.

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Natural claims have, apart from being important product purchase drivers when combined with product efficacy claims and brand identity, triggered the sustainability quotient. Consumers also have begun demanding full transparency from cosmetic companies with regards to their sourcing methods, product, ingredients and sustainability practices. The pressure on cosmetics brands and manufacturers to demonstrate their social and environmental credentials is increasing; so more of them are finding ways to transform their own brands through sustainability-focused products, services and consumer experiences.

Packs and ingredients too

The packaging trend within the personal care industry have restructured into more safe, natural formulas and practical packaging. Increasingly natural solutions within the product arena has showed positive response, and following the trend natural solutions are being implemented in the product packaging as well. Apart from making immediate connection with lucrative packaging design, inculcating natural solutions is a marketing strategy by the companies.

For marketing premium ingredients, manufacturers consider two versions of their material, one for formulator and other for customer. The players in the market are promoting their products by using various eye-catching connotations like “synthetic free”, “non-toxic”, “100% natural”, “Organic”, “Chemical free” and many others. Antimicrobial is the new connotation that is currently used to …

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