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The rising of dry shampoos

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According to new research from Mintel Beauty & Personal Care on the dry shampoo market, a shower is no longer necessary when it’s time to suds up your hair. In fact, Mintel found that in 2008, dry shampoo introductions accounted for just 1% of global shampoo launch activity but by 2012 the segment captured 3% of category and 2013 is on track to surpass 2012 levels.

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" The benefits of daily shampooing continue to be questioned, as many have argued that too frequent washing can actually strip the hair of its natural oils, creating an opportunity for these waterless shampoos to shine ," says Amy Ziegler, Mintel beauty & personal care analyst. " In addition, dry shampoo has made a serious case for convenient cleansing as it provides the functional cleansing benefits without the wash, rinse, repeat routine, and directly ties into consumers’ ease of use expectations. "

Although availability of dry shampoos is widely accessible, consumer uptake remains relatively low. A meager 16% of US adults report some usage of a dry shampoo in the last year. Across the Big 5 European markets (UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy), usage is relatively similar to that of the US, but peaks in the UK, where nearly a quarter (23%) of women are engaged in the segment.

Convenience is a compelling attribute for consumers and plays a definite part in their haircare product purchases. In fact, nearly one in five (17%) women in the UK use dry shampoo when they don’t have time to wash their hair, and although this sentiment is less widely shared among the …

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