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What trends for 2022?

Quelles tendances pour 2022 ?

As it does at the end of each year, Mintel, a foresight firm, takes stock of emerging consumer trends. And it is against a backdrop of health, climate and security crises that the new contours of 2022 seem to be taking shape.

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For the coming year, Mintel has identified several strong currents.

Since the start of the pandemic, a portion of the world’s citizens have felt insecure.
“Brands can provide the information and options that consumers need to feel in control,” introduces the trend firm.

For example, 48% of Spaniards say their finances are among their top concerns and 46% of Indians expect manufacturers to communicate transparently.
To help professionals meet this need, Mintel advises talking about manufacturing processes. To “contain” these sources of information, which can be dense, the trend firm recommends the use of QR codes on packaging.
Another point raised by the trend agency, and which can be applied to the cosmetics sector, is the issue of delivery. There is a real challenge today to offer its customer the possibility to receive his order in record time (again, this is a desire to control). Lately, some brands have partnered with meal delivery companies to cater to those in a hurry.

In light of the prevailing gloom, citizens are looking for pleasurable experiences.

For example, 23% of Brazilians said they had fun trying different cosmetics than what they usually buy, and 36% of Thais said they consumed more …

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