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What's new on the Japanese planet?

Quoi de neuf sur la planète nippone ?

With consumers educated in cosmetics for a very long time, Japan is a trendsetter. The forecasting agency Global Data, in collaboration with in-cosmetics Connect have taken stock of the latest trends in beauty and cosmetics.

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J-beauty, according to Global Data, is characterized by the search for flawless skin. But it is also a philosophy based on prevention and a holistic approach to skin care.

While Japanese women are renowned for their devotion to layering, it seems that the “less is more” is beginning to take its place. But beware, if beauty routines are getting a little lighter, it doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on quality. Japanese women are in favor of effective, concentrated and multifunctional products.

Bounce-back skin
Consumers want to look healthy and show it.
That’s why they turn to products that plump, soften and smooth the skin. This trend also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Hybrid makeup
No more segmentation between makeup and cosmetics. Japanese brands are striving to improve their products by providing protection, hydration and skincare ingredients.
Thus we find face powders containing SPF or lipsticks with nourishing virtues, for example.

Double cleansing
“Double cleansing is becoming increasingly popular among skin care aficionados around the world because of its many benefits beyond simple makeup removal, but it originated in Japan,” explains in-cosmetics.“The key is to start with an oil cleansing, followed by a water-based cleansing, then apply a serum and …

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