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Cosmetic trends in China

Les tendances cosmétiques en Chine

In China, beauty is a topic that consumers take very seriously. And because people’s needs and expectations are rapidly changing, Chinese online shopping platform Xiaohongshu has been collecting data from its users to see what trends stand out in 2022.

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To make this report, Xiaohongshu compared the searches done by its customers between 2020 and 2021.

Chinese women want cosmetics that work. It’s no longer a matter of accumulating products in their bathroom, but of consciously choosing the skincare products that make up their routine.
Thus, the search for the keywords “simplified skincare” and “skincare pyramid” (a concept that establishes the steps necessary to have beautiful skin, ed. note) has increased by 170% and 560% respectively.

Premium makeup
Consumers are expressing the need for makeup that is effective and delivers on its promises. They want very specific products that can “transform their defects into qualities”. They are looking for skincare products that can enhance their complexion and also work on their contours.

At a time when some women are looking to cut back on their skincare routine, others are combining several products to achieve a unique result. Two areas that are particularly affected by this trend are colored lip oils and fragrances.

While men’s cosmetics are a bit dull, the Chinese are showing a particular desire to take care of themselves. And they don’t want an all-purpose cream. They have specific needs such as defining their eyebrows …

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