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Digital for transparency

Le digital au service de la transparence

Transparency is one of the hot topics facing the cosmetics industry. Faced with consumers’ mistrust, beauty professionals must adopt a reassuring posture and tell more about their manufacturing “secrets”. According to Andrew McDougall, Director of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care division, new technologies can help brands in this project. The expert explained his point of view during a webinar broadcasted on the occasion of in-cosmetic Virtual.

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These days, the ethical dimension of manufacturers is important to the general public.
According to the Mintel panel, 55% of Americans say they are concerned about the environmental impact of beauty professionals.
63% of them want to know more about the ingredients listed in the INCI. In the same vein, 82% of Spaniards explain that they are more interested in the formulation of their products than before.

Thus, consumers are acting at their level to protect the climate. 74% of Chinese consumers are willing to pay more for cosmetics as long as they do not have a negative impact on the planet. 88% of them say they are willing to boycott companies that do not operate in an ethical way.
As a result, eco-friendly claims are increasingly being made on packaging. The most popular are those that:
• Mention respect for animal welfare
• Indicate that the packaging is recyclable
• Highlight the naturalness of the formula

Transparency rhymes with confidence

Consumers want to know more, that’s a fact. Beware of the quality of the information they are given. 40% of Americans say that manufacturers must make an effort and be more educational.

“Traceability is a selling point, so we …

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