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Has the era of male beauty begun?

L'ère de la beauté masculine a-t-elle commencé ?

Long shunned by these men, cosmetics are now making their way into their daily lives. At least that’s what the online skincare booking platform Treatwell has announced. The company has conducted a study that highlights the fact that men are opening up to beauty.

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To conduct the survey, Treatwell interviewed more than 3,000 Europeans (in France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands) between February 11 and 12, 2022. In 2021, the platform recorded an increase in bookings for men’s treatments.

Among the favorite services are:
• Haircuts
• Manicure
• Waxing
• Beard trimming

A 23% increase was observed before the holiday season (between November 21 and December 21) for nail care. “The French are quite simple. Indeed, 40% of respondents confide that they get their inspiration from their friends rather than from social networks,” comments Treatwell.

Price: a decision-making factor

Among the most popular treatments are haircuts and beard trimming. And on these services, the panelists are not particularly loyal to any one establishment.
In fact, 64% of men are open to trying new salons as long as the price is right.

An openness to beauty

When asked if cosmetics are useful, only 7% of the men surveyed answered negatively.
On the contrary, they are more and more determined to take care of themselves. They are 31% to say they would go to an institute to have a facial. “They are also willing to think outside the box and try new things. 44% …

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