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The 2022 trends according to Instagram

Les tendances 2022 selon Instagram

With 1.386 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. The platform has taken a close look at the profile of its subscribers in order to make some predictions about the trends that are likely to emerge in 2022.

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To produce this trend report, Instagram monitored the activity of its U.S. users aged 13-24 (Generation Z), throughout the month of October 2021.

Young people are becoming more informed. They scrutinize the composition of their products and they are slowly turning to lighter routines and short formulas. For them, “clean beauty” rhymes with safety. A third of consumers say they are curious to learn more about this segment of cosmetics.

Instantaneity According to Instagram, “you can’t live without e-commerce anymore. But consumers expect to be able to buy directly from their social networks and not just from brand websites.” In fact, 27 of those surveyed say they want the ability to place orders from social platforms.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the issue of mental health has been central.
One third of young people explain that even after the pandemic is over, they will continue to practice the wellness rituals they have put in place. Care also means making more informed choices. It’s about consuming less, but better, taking time for yourself.

Although ultra-connected, Generation Z is determined to take care of itself. While wanting everything, right away, they show strong signs of awareness. They are …

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