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The presence of cosmetic brands in the media

La présence des marques cosmétiques dans les médias

Despite the power of social networks, the specialized beauty press remains a good way for cosmetic brands to get known by consumers. Onclusive, an expert company in public relations and communication, looked at how professionals in the sector spoke in the media in 2021.

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“The editorial market is resisting the advertising market. In 2021, there will be 1993 brands in magazines, including 790 new ones,” explains Onclusive. This corresponds to 13,771 pages in the titles.

When we look closer, we see a gap in terms of presence between the different segments. The skin care category got the most media coverage with 870 brands cited.
This was followed by fragrance (397 brands), hair care (355 brands) and makeup (287 brands).

“In the first quarter of 2022, the skincare sector confirmed its primacy with 520 brands mentioned, an increase of 4%. Hair care strengthens its attractiveness with an increase of 13% through 214 brands while the make-up segment observes a slight recovery of 2% with 167 brands,” comments Onclusive. This disaffection with make-up is linked to the pandemic and changing consumer habits.

The beauty press exists in print and on the Internet. According to Onclusive, the presence of cosmetics players varies according to the nature of the title. “Print remains reserved for premium skincare communication, while the web deals more with everyday consumer issues, with products for acne or redness. This distinction, which is quite new, is an opportunity for brands that now …

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