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Hydroxy acid in lipsticks!


A fact that some will have considered as new has been noted recently concerning this very important family of products that are lipsticks. Is this a new quality problem? What is the purpose of this new scandal? Hydroxy acid!

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Inhalation of hydroxyic acid, even in small amounts, can lead to death by asphyxiation. Its gaseous form can cause severe burns, prolonged contact with its solid form causes tissue damage. It was found in biopsies of cancerous tumors!!!!! Some may be intoxicated by this substance. Example : the story of this US Air Force soldier who ingested extravagant amounts and almost ended up in the morgue! A list of horrors to shudder at.

Hydroxyic acid has everything to please. And yet, this ingredient is still allowed, and recently several cosmetic products have praised its performance. Named DHMO by some, or Dihydrogen Monoxide, or Hydroxy Acid, it is a common chemical molecule, so common that it is found almost everywhere, and now in the king of makeup products, lipstick.

What are we talking about, anyway? Simply water, the famous H₂O ! Chemistry exegetes will find explanations to this complex name, unknown to the uninitiated, allowing to hold a solemn and scientific speech.

Curiously enough, water has been used very little in the formulation of lipstick, at least in recent decades. Curiously, because the hydration mechanism of the lips, different from that of the skin, uses this ingredient, or more specifically saliva …

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