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June 4, 2019 | Ingredients news

OECD: two publications on nanomaterials pro

On 27 May 2019, the OECD added two new opuses to its series on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials. These Nos. 90 and 91 are intended to facilitate the identification of the most relevant parameters and best available methods for ensuring data and reporting quality, and focus on physico-chemical information.

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The Observatory of Cosmetics
09 June 2015 Professional bodies

Triman: a FEBEA guide pro

Since January 1, 2015, the new Triman logo must be affixed to recyclable products that fall under a sorting instruction. A provision that also concerns cosmetic product packs, which are part of household packaging. To answer the (numerous) questions that this logo raises, the FEBEA has developed a guide to using ...

02 June 2015 Professional bodies

The true face of NaTrue

We tend to consider it simply as a natural cosmetics label, or yet another one, one among others, or even as a label for German cosmetics… But NaTrue is actually much more than this. CosmeticOBS was invited to the annual general meeting of this association last May 22, 2015, in Berlin ...

22 Jan. 2015 Professional bodies

11 new"Peonies" awarded by the Cosmetic Valley pro

The Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster has been committed to sustainable development since 2010 with the launch of its"For an Eco-responsible Cosmetic Valley" charter: a collective approach to continuously improve environmental and societal results. To date, 70 Cosmetic Valley members have signed the charter, and last December 11 new"Peonies" were presented, including the first ... / Observatoire des Cosmétiques
20 Jan. 2015 Professional bodies

Thalassotherapy: a standard to protect the consumer

Entitled XP X50-831-1, this voluntary standard defines essential criteria to be met to be a thalasotherapy center (marine climate, sea water and marine mud.) and proposes service delivery requirements to improve and harmonize hygiene, care and equipment practices. It aims to limit the multiplication of establishments claiming abusively thalassotherapy activities.

15 Dec. 2014 Professional bodies

ERPA: the professional Responsible Person association pro

It was founded in 2011, and has been recognized as an association by European authorities since 2013. The European cosmetics Responsible Person Association now establishes itself as an official interlocutor with one objective: giving the status of Responsible Person the dimension of a real profession, with a level of requirements that lives ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
07 Nov. 2014 Professional bodies

Publication of the ISO 15819:2014 Standard pro

The ISO 15819:2014 standard, "Cosmetics -- Analytical methods -- Nitrosamines: Detection and determination of N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA) in cosmetics by HPLC-MS-MS", describes a method for the detection and quantification of N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA) in cosmetics and raw materials used in cosmetics.

23 Oct. 2014 Professional bodies

Cosmed Cosmetic International Congress: bound for Asia

Cosmed organizes in Paris its fourth Cosmetic International Congress on Monday 15 December. This edition proposed in partnership with Ubifrance will present the marketing and regulatory requirements to place cosmetics on the asian market. Conferences will be held in English.

08 Sept. 2014 Professional bodies

JEST capillary for Cosmed pro

Every year for the past 14 years, Cosmed invites you to an exchange day in October between scientific experts from the French cosmetics industry: the JEST. This XIVth Scientific and Technical Exchange Day will take place on 10 October 2014 in Montpellier on the theme of hair and scalp cosmetology. Great names in hair cosmetology will ...

24 June 2014 Professional bodies

Cosmébio: new President and ambitions

The annual general meeting of the Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics took place last June 17 in Paris. Here is the outcome: a new logo, reaffirmed ambitions, keywords (trust and excellence) to direct the actions to come, and a new President to implement them.

17 June 2014 Professional bodies

Cosmetics Europe elects new president pro

Cosmetics Europe has elected Loïc Armand as President of Cosmetics Europe for the 2014 -2016 term. He is currently President of L’Oréal France, the French subsidiary of L’Oréal Group.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
16 June 2014 Professional bodies

A standard for beauty treatments

Lovingly named XP X50-831-1, this French standard for ‘Beauty and wellness treatments’ clarifies these activities and establishes criteria for quality, skill level, hygiene, and safety. Applied voluntarily, it has been long awaited by beauty and wellness professionals.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
09 June 2014 Professional bodies

REACH: Progress in the use of alternatives to animal testing

According to ECHA's tri-annual report about the use of alternatives to animal testing, registrants have widely used alternative methods to generate information required by REACH to ensure the safe use of chemicals. Most registrants conform with the data sharing obligations and industry has increasingly used in vitro methods.

Patrick o'Quin, new president of the FEBEA
05 June 2014 Professional bodies

FEBEA changes its head

A new president for the Fédération des entreprises de la beauté: this is what its board of directors has decided. After more than 16 years at the head of the FEBEA (professional union of the cosmetics sector), Alain Grangé-Cabane, who will remain its honorary president, will hand over his functions to Patrick ...

VKM's statement on aluminium
27 May 2014 Professional bodies

Aluminium: the VKM won’t give up

In April 2013, the VKM (Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety) published a report, stating in their conclusion the exposure to aluminium through cosmetic products resulted in an exposure that exceeded the tolerable weekly intake. One year later, the SCCS released its opinion on the issue, and refuted this stance. Now ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
19 May 2014 Professional bodies

Nanos: French ANSES is calling for a stronger regulatory framework

Confronted with the wide range of nanomaterials in everyday life (cosmetics, textiles, food, paints, medical applications) and the many questions surrounding them, ANSES published a review of the available literature on health and environmental issues relating to manufactured nanomaterials. This will help clarify scientific understanding and demonstrate the toxic effects ...

123rf-L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
12 March 2014 Professional bodies

A standard project for beauty salons

Beauty therapist qualifications, client safety and satisfaction, salon hygiene… AFNOR has launched a public survey on standard project PR NF EN 16708 related to beauty salon services. Everyone is invited to read the text and give their opinion until April 10, 2014.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
11 March 2014 Professional bodies

Brèves cosmétiques - A FEBEA conference on perfume pro

The latest cosmetic news - A FEBEA conference on perfume - Deforestation: Greenpeace accuses Procter & Gamble - ICCR : nanos safety and alternative methods - REACH : 2013 evaluation report - Givaudan wants to buy Soliance - Decléor and Carita sold to L'Oréal - New York could ban microbeads from cosmetics - ANSM publishes 2014 work programme…

The Observatory of Cosmetics
24 Feb. 2014 Professional bodies

Allergens: Cosmébio deplores the"confusion"

The public consultation launched by the European Commission on perfume allergens in cosmetic products, in preparation for the stricter regulations that should be applied to them in the future, has caused, as they say, buzz, and raised some questions and concerns. One of them focuses on the impact this measure ...

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
19 Feb. 2014 Professional bodies

Spas: the first standard now available

The new voluntary standard NF X50-843 for wellness spas was drafted by industry stakeholders with a dual objective: to contribute the professionalization of these increasingly popular spaces and to guarantee consumers that they are provisioned with quality cosmetic products and high level care delivered by competent staff.

CosmeticOBS - Observatoire des Cosmétiques
14 Jan. 2014 Professional bodies

Brief cosmetics: A standard for the carbon footprint of products

The latest cosmetic news: A standard to assess the carbon footprint of products - Revlon, Garnier… these brands leaving China - ECHA adds 7 SVHC to the candidate list - ECHA : 2 new simplified guides for REACH - ANSM: new inspection report format - VKM : Retinol irritant from 0.075 % - CLP guidelines - L'Oréal stops CCB - ANSM makes it ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
17 Dec. 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmetics Europe: stop using MIT!

Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care professional association, published this recommendation to the industry on December 13: it should discontinue the use of the preservative Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in leave-on skin cosmetics including cosmetic wet wipes. This standpoint was adopted following the outbreak of adverse reactions provoked by this ingredient.

20 Nov. 2013 Professional bodies

Oral health: new UFSBD recommendations

The French Union for Oral and Dental Health (UFSBD), an organisation representing dentists, has just updated its recommendations to be applied daily. On the programme: two 2-minute brushing sessions per day, the use of dental floss, mouth rinses, a good diet… without forgetting the use of a cosmetic product, toothpaste.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
04 Nov. 2013 Professional bodies

FEBEA shares the audit of raw materials

It is proud to announce this and it is indeed a first: the Federation of Beauty Companies offers a new service to all operators in the cosmetics industry, the pooling of audits of suppliers of cosmetic raw materials. For everyone, it is a saving of time and money associated with ...

28 Oct. 2013 Professional bodies

COSMOS-Standard : 1st revision

COSMOS-Standard version 2 was published on 21 October 2013. This is the culmination of the 1st revision process of this harmonised standard for organic and natural cosmetics, which came into force in 2010. With a few simplifications in the procedures, the revision of the lists of ingredients authorised or which must be organic, the modification of labelling ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
21 Oct. 2013 Professional bodies

ARPP updates Cosmetic Products Recommendation

The Professional Regulatory Authority for Advertising has just published the 7th version of the ethical rules for advertising and claims relating to cosmetic products. The text has been revised to adapt to the European Cosmetics Regulation which came into force on 11 July 2013 with its part on common criteria concerning claims, as well as ...

16 Oct. 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmebio reporting for duty

On its tenth birthday, the Ecological and Organic Professional Association committed to release a Sustainable Report every year: a transparency approach to measure the commitment from its members and share the expertises while emphasizing fundamentals. The 2012 report topic was bio diversity, with the support of initiatives and figures.

20 Sept. 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmetic short news: ?Belle et Bien? runs to fight cancer

Latest cosmetics news in brief: “Belle et Bien” runs to fight cancer - AFNOR: 4 collections of standards about the environmental labeling - L'Oreal buys Nickel - Triman postponed for a year - Deadline extended for comments of the SCCS Opinions on nanos - Revlon acquires The Colomer Group - New Board of Directors, in Cosmebio ...

The Observatory of Cosmetics
17 Sept. 2013 Professional bodies

NAT: a logo for the natural cosmetic

What is a natural cosmetic? Due to the lack of any official definition, it is an elusive concept, somewhat similar to a disparate catch-all. However, the natural cosmetic is also a growing demand from the consumers. Thus, it will now have its own logo, after an information released on 10 September 2013 by Cosmebio ...

16 Sept. 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmetic short news: AFNOR: 4 collections of standards about the environmental labeling

Latest cosmetics news in brief: AFNOR: 4 collections of standards about the environmental labeling - L'Oreal buys Nickel - Triman postponed for a year - Deadline extended for comments of the SCCS Opinions on nanos - Revlon acquires The Colomer Group - New Board of Directors, in Cosmebio - Pierre Fabre passing away - REACH: a reminder ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
07 Aug. 2013 Professional bodies

Internet: a standard for consumer reviews

AFNOR, on 4 July 2013, has published the first voluntary standard in the world, the NF Z74-501 standard, with an aim to make more reliable the consumer reviews on the Internet. Forty-three organisations have worked together for eighteen months to define the rules applicable to all the sites about the consumer reviews of the ...

26 July 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmetic short news: New Board of Directors, in Cosmebio

Latest cosmetics news in brief: New Board of Directors, in Cosmebio - Pierre Fabre passing away - REACH: a reminder of the obligation of information - CFDA consults on the approval of a new cosmetic ingredient - CLH consultation launched on hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde - India bans testing of cosmetics on animals - FDA publishes guidance for ...

11 July 2013 Professional bodies

Anne Dux: the new Regulation? Nobody's ready!

We have written about it, again and again: the new Cosmetics European Regulation, number 1223/2009, which replaces the current Directive, with many new obligations for companies as well as for the authorities, is fully enforced now, 11 July 2013. CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques has asked Anne Dux, the Director of the Scientific ...

09 July 2013 Professional bodies

Perfumery: guidelines to apply the Cosmetics Regulation

The Cosmetics Regulation, implemented in its entirety on 11 July 2013, implies new obligations for the perfumery distributors. In order to help its members understand and put in place these new requirements, the Frenh Federation of Selective Perfumery (FFPS) has designed a series of short practical guidelines, available on-line.

21 June 2013 Professional bodies

IFRA: 47th Amendment to the Code of Practice

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has officially notified the 47th Amendment to the IFRA Code of Practice as part of the industry’s ongoing safety program. The association proposes now 202 Standards.

The Observatory of Cosmetics
05 June 2013 Professional bodies

2nd public enquiry on the "Well-being Spas" standard

Last October, the professionals of the "well-being" sector were requested to give their comments on the standard draft designed to professionalize the well-being spas activities. Thanks to many comments sent during this first public enquiry, the "Well-being Tourism" standardization Commission has released a new draft. The public at large and ...

Thinkstock/L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques
03 June 2013 Professional bodies

FEBEA: a conference to avoid getting mad

Cosmetics packaging has made its grand entrance in the Cosmetics Regulation, which will be implemented in its entirety on 11 July 2013. The French FEBEA organizes a conference, on 17 June, afternoon, to focus on this topic and provide answers to the most urgent questions (and they are many).

28 May 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmetics advertisement: a first assessment of ARPP

The French Advertising Regulation Authority (ARPP, after its French Acronym) has just released its first sector-specific assessment dedicated to cosmetics. In order to prevent a likely tightening of the regulatory frame in this area, the professionals committed to a self-regulated approach, to limit the breaches of the implemented rules. The ...

27 May 2013 Professional bodies

Regulatory and International: the coming Cosmed meetings

It is now as a habit: Cosmed invites you in Paris for two days of convention, in June. In the agenda of the June 11 Regulatory Meetings: an exhaustive overview prior to the implementation of the Cosmetics Regulation. In the June 17 International Meetings agenda, everything to know before going to the Chinese market.

25 April 2013 Professional bodies

Cosmed: The Gretare Western branch is officially launched

It is already operational, since 2010, but the Grand Ouest (Gretare Western) branch of the Cosmed association will be officially launched on 16 May 2013. The agenda: a more efficient federation of the actors of the cosmetic industry in this area, and as a bonus, a training meeting on innovation.

Download the full text of the N&P 2013 version specifications
24 April 2013 Professional bodies

Palm oil: no longer in the Nature & Progrès certified cosmetics

The Nature & Progrès association has just released an up-dated version of its specifications for the bio-ecological cosmetics it approves. Validated on 13 April 2013, it is an amended version of the 2009 issue, modified on several points. The main improvement is the ban of palm oil and of all its derivatives. Members shall comply ...

19 April 2013 Professional bodies

Organic labels: who does what, how, and at what cost?

The Cosmebio, Ecocert, Nature & Progrès and Qualité-France organic (“bio”) labels are displayed, sometimes several of them at the same time on the French cosmetics packaging. What is the legal entity behind each of them? What are the fees for the manufacturers? What are the revenues of these entities? Labelled ...

29 March 2013 Professional bodies

IFRA Updates Transparency List

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has updated its transparency list, which lists ingredients that may be contained in fragrance compounds, to include 180 new fragrance ingredients.