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Monday, September 27, 2021Packaging news

Clinique uses Roctool technology for more sustainable packaging

Clinique mise sur la technologie Roctool pour des packagings plus durables

The brand of The Estée Lauder Companies has announced a partnership with Roctool, an expert in molding with heating and cooling. Clinique called on the services of the manufacturer in order to benefit from its molding solutions, which make it possible to improve the effects on the surface of the bottle and thus avoid additional decorating processes.

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The collaboration with Roctool begins with one of Clinique’s signature products, Clarifiyng Lotion.
“Packaging design and innovation are key to developing a sustainable premium packaging offering. Roctool’s heating and cooling molding technology is applicable to a variety of production methods. It allows significant improvements in surface effects without the need for additional decoration processes. For Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion bottles, this technology eliminates the need for secondary decoration. This process is a simpler and more responsible approach to packaging. It reduces waste by 10 to 15 percent in the manufacturing phase, while ensuring superior quality of the material,” the company said. “At The Estée Lauder Companies, we invest and innovate at every stage of our packaging processes to increase sustainable solutions and enable our brands to deliver luxurious experiences to our customers. We collaborate with industry partners like Roctool to improve our packaging design. From now on, we will mobilize our portfolio to leverage these cutting-edge processes on a large scale to help develop greener packaging for our consumers and the planet.”
Clinique becomes the first premium cosmetics brand to work with Roctool.

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