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Cosmebio recalls its opposition to GMOs Add to my portfolio
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Since ten years, the Cosmebio Charter bans any use of genetically modified vegetable raw materials. Following the publication of the Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini’s study on GMOs, Cosmebio reminds everyone that the association has chosen to apply the principle of precaution about the using of GMOs in Organic labelled cosmetics; this, from the very first specifications, issued in 2002.

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Cosmebio press release

The ecological and organic cosmetic comes from nature. It is based on the using of natural, ecological and organic ingredients, after extraction and manufacturing processes that preserve the most of their natural properties. Cosmebio members, by signing the association Charter, undertake the fact that the ecological and organic cosmetic shall respect the universal heritage provided by nature. Using GMOs in cosmetic products, then, is against the principle of this natural cosmetic.

This principle of precaution is taken as such, on the European level, in the new COSMOS frame of references, a founder member of which Cosmebio is. Up to now, the French position, duplicated on the European level, is clear: apply the principle of precaution about the use of GMOs in natural and organic cosmetic products, with an upstream control of the higher-risk raw materials.

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