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Recall of Kleengel brand hydro-alcoholic gels

Rappel de gels hydroalcooliques de la marque Kleengel

French DGCCRF has just published a recall notice for Kleengel brand hydro-alcoholic gels because of labelling that does not comply with current regulations.

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Product name
Gel hydroalcoolique - Hand sanitizer Kleengel - 75 mL


Batch number

Recall’s reason
The labelling of this product minimises the risks inherent in its use: highly flammable product that can cause severe eye irritation.

The consumer is invited to stop using this product and return it to the distributor.

14 October 2020
Pursuant to Article 6 IV of the LCEN law of 21 June 2004, the Kleenpharm company has applied for the insertion of the right of reply below, under penalty of a fine of €3750.

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